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for An Unexpected Reunion

8/17 c28 Guest
Brock x Korrina?
Luvdisc know all
8/17 c27 Guest
May, Ritchie and Wally is an interesting trio
Will he compete in the Hoenn League?
Astrid and Korrina remind me of Iris and Georgia
8/16 c26 Guest
Will we get Ash aiming for Grand Duke in a post league arc?
Also Daddy Red has arrived and goes straight for the challenge
Always wanted Ash to have a Riolu during Sinnoh and Kalos
But does this mean no Hawlucha? Will Korrina catch it then?
8/16 c25 Guest
Was not expecting Shinx for a first catch for Serena
Will she catch a Poliwag to evolve to Politoad?
8/16 c24 Guest
Aureliashipping vs Amourshipping confirmed
Let the shipping wars begin
8/16 c23 Guest
More Team Rocket in Kalos while Team Flare is active will make things more hectic
8/16 c22 Guest
Careful Lysandre, your evil is showing
8/16 c21 Guest
Skater Girl Korrina appears
8/16 c20 Guest
Setting up Brock's Mega Steelix by first getting Onix to evolve
Will Misty get Mega Gyarados as part of the story or 'off-screen'?
8/16 c19 Guest
Froakie getting to shine and will probably join Ash now
8/16 c18 Guest
More starter swaps
Wonder how a Charizard can learn rhythm batling?
Can you do Tierno and Ash Charizard battle for the league or maybe before that?
Will Chespin join Brock? I always thought Korrina should've caught it to train it into Chesnaught who is part fighting type
8/16 c17 Guest
Litleo will be a great fire type for Ash
Ash's Female Pyroar vs Lydanre's male would be cool
8/16 c16 Guest
Gym battle was awesome
Larvitar debut and Pidgeot's return to gym battles all in one
Mega evolution playing a bigger role in gym battles is welcome
8/16 c15 Guest
Lisia from ORAS was a surprise
Will Aria be a rival then?
8/16 c14 Guest
Gladion and Lillie in Kalos? Random but should be interesting
The only Alola character confirmed to have competed in Kalos is Ilima
Will we see Aether Paradise and Lysandre Labs compete or collaborate?
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