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for An Unexpected Reunion

8/16 c15 Guest
Lisia from ORAS was a surprise
Will Aria be a rival then?
8/16 c14 Guest
Gladion and Lillie in Kalos? Random but should be interesting
The only Alola character confirmed to have competed in Kalos is Ilima
Will we see Aether Paradise and Lysandre Labs compete or collaborate?
8/16 c13 Guest
Shauna inspiring Serena early for Performances is nice
8/16 c12 Guest
Shauna with Chespin is interesting as doesn't look like a natural Performance Pokémon like Bulbasaur
Alain and Calem as rivals will be tough for Ash
Also will Sawyer appear
Maybe he can be the Treecko trainer with Brandan Birch being the Mudkip trainer that start with May though might not appear in Kalos if start in Hoenn
8/16 c11 Guest
Was hoping at least Phanpy would join Ash
But if Pidgeot is with Ash then will Ash not catch Fletchling for his team's bird Pokémon? Though Ash's Kalos team did have a lot of Flying types anyway
8/16 c10 Guest
Pidgeot is back!
8/16 c9 Guest
Awesome to see Larvitar join Ash like it should have
Have Ash take it and Phanpy with him to Kalos as are babies with room to grow
And can't wait for possible Mega Tyranitar
8/16 c8 Guest
Calem gets the Harrison treatment is kind of disappointing
Wish the anime would gave used Miki, Casey and Ritchie as Silver Conference rivals so a no name wouldn't have to win the League
8/16 c7 Guest
Was expecting Meganium vs Chesnaught showdown once she fully evolved as Charizard would have been predictable though still a good battle
He got to shine the rest of the battle though
8/16 c6 Guest
Ash vs Calem finally starts
8/16 c5 Guest
Disappointed you skipped Ash vs Vincent as would have loved to see your take on it
Ash vs Gary more then made up for it
Meganium evolving was cool
Will Jimmy and Marina appear in the story?
8/16 c4 Guest
Misty was ready to play the long game but just had her heart broken
Calem vs Harrison was great and hope we see Harrison vs Ash in another League
8/16 c3 Guest
Jealous Misty is going to add to the drama
Ash vs Macey was good with Kingler getting to shine
8/16 c2 Reader
So Ash and Serena switch roles?
Wonder how it will affect there relationship with Ash not being dense
8/16 c1 Guest
Serena meeting Ash early will be interesting
Especially since looks like Ssb remembers her
Calem will be a tough rival too
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