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for An Unexpected Reunion

9/18/2016 c1 xXSakuraBlossomsXx
looks interesting
9/18/2016 c1 Guest
(smiles) seems like amourshipping just got more spicy and sweet in this chapter, great job dude and as a fellow amourshipper i have this to say to you and to all my fellow amourshippers around the globe, amourshipper and proud, remember that dudes and dudettes, and keep up the good serenaandashshipping work dude.
9/18/2016 c1 Guest
Does the jotho league will go in a different direction? Does ash win this one? I'm curious about it (also does this mean that he goes to the kalos region first,so much questions) keep going (THUMBS UP)
9/18/2016 c1 Bijuu vs jinchuuriki
Hmmm... not bad at all, it's a good start but still too similiar with anime. But still good, just make sure not copied the anime too much, if not make it different. After all, it's your story, no?
Looking forward for next chapter, good luck.
9/18/2016 c1 19muk854
This story is already at a good start, definitely can't wait to see more.
9/17/2016 c1 Anonimous
really liked it! I hope yo read more soon!
9/17/2016 c1 Tyler
Please continue! right now!
9/17/2016 c1 45Cottonmouth25
Don't think I didn't catch that Alolan Meowth reference, you sneaky son of a gun.

Looking forward to the next chapter, so keep it up!
9/17/2016 c1 King nintendo
Ohh please countinue I love this so far
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