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2/15 c1 53s82161
This is easily the best Superman story I've ever read! This should be a novel, it's that good. Brilliant. Make this into a novel. Upload this to AO3.
9/13/2020 c40 12evolution-500
Pretty good, but kind of problematic. Since Supes and Lobo are meeting for the first time, how does he know that Lobo is a Czarnian? Even more, making Lobo bleed is extremely problematic, even down right dangerous - Lobo can spawn clones instantly for drop of blood spilled.
9/7/2020 c1 evolution-500
Interesting start, but it could use more description, especially in terms of the settings. I have no idea where this is taking place. There are one or two errors here and there such as "discored" instead of "discovered", plus for some of the dialogue you have commas instead of quotation marks at the beginning. Overall, though, it's a good start.
8/25/2020 c3 Nibuy
I came from reddit. I don’t have a lot of time so I only got to read a little today. I liked how you showed Clark’s power by breaking a finger not a basic way like lifting cars.
8/25/2020 c26 6SoraMalfoySlythern
welp you screwed bats on your tail haha
6/7/2020 c20 Seraphina The Ace
It's very cute but you have a typo. *Sarah looks into Sarah's steel blue eyes* it should be Clark and Sarah.
2/8/2020 c45 17Mellia Bee
Awww, I’m sorry you were sick. Hope you’re feeling better by now!

I am truly delighted that even with my limited knowledge of the DC world I still identified J’onn correctly! I am less delighted that Darkseid is involved. He’s bad news for Superman, if I remember correctly, and now I’m even more worried. There’s no way I want tragedy to strike this delightful universe of yours.

Also, I forgot to mention it last chapter, but I thought it was a fun touch that Wayne gave him a scholarship - and then simply Looked back at Clark when it was mentioned. That would totally happen, and it was fun to imagine it.

Also yay! Aunt Ria had her baby!

Thanks so much for posting this chapter! I hope you’re feeling better, and that all is well with you.
2/8/2020 c44 Mellia Bee
Yay! And also wow - has it really been over a year and a half? Time flies. I am glad to see this story is back though!

I gotta say, your touch for writing Clark’s mother is still as good as ever. And the idea that Clark once set the wall on fire by staring at it absently made me laugh. That was excellent.

The apocalypse? Ohhhhh... that doesn’t sound good.
2/3/2020 c45 Djone246
I can't wait for more
1/1/2020 c43 Tes-quick
im sorry for not reviewing on other chapters i just kinda kept reading and reading and couldn’t stop. I really love this story and i have this like theory that everyone in Smallville really knows that Clark’s superman and they’re just playing along with the whole ‘secret identity’ thing he’s got going.
3/1/2019 c43 1JustAnotherFan217
Great story, hope you finish it. I do think Clark could be a bit more proactive. I mean, I get the no killing rule, but just letting ruthless mercenaries like Lobo go is just stupid. I always hated that about the comics. Killing Darkseid would not be evil, or bad, or even mildly immoral, it would be doing the universe a favor. Clark should have sent Lobo to the Phantom Zone, and been done with it. Now Lobo will go out and capture or kill more innocent people for the highest bidder; how DC ever thought it was noble to let every single bad guy go, I will never understand. I also think Lex tipped his hand a bit early, and that Clark is being stupid about him again. He seems to be just ignoring the fact that Luthor is out there, plotting, knows who he is, and is perfectly willing to go after his loved ones. I’d have sent him to the Phantom Zone the minute the cops let him go. With his brains and powers, Clark should be able to do it without getting caught, and he wouldn’t be leaving his parents and Sarah completely open to Lex’s schemes. All in all though, a good story with a lot of potential, and I hope you update it again.
8/19/2018 c1 Djone246
8/3/2018 c43 2LunarFairyPrincess1989
So I just found this story and haven’t been able to stop reading it. I have loved this story so much I hope that there will be more in the future.
6/19/2018 c43 Guest
Can't wait for more!
5/19/2018 c43 17Mellia Bee
Yay! Hooray, hooray, another chapter! And such a good one, too!

I really liked your portrayal of Diana and Clark’s friendship. They make a great team, and it’s fun to get to see that. Having never read the comics, that’s a dynamic I’ve not seen before, and I find I like it very much. :)

Also, Clark Kent being protective is one of my favorite things. Ever. In any incarnation of Superman I’ve seen. I just really love it - it makes me all happy.

I’d write a longer review, but I’m running on three and a half hours of sleep and I’m so sleepy I can’t type straight. I keep making typos and having to wake up to fix them. But I don’t want to go without saying thank you for writing and sharing this.

Thank you! I think I owe you a chapter now!
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