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for Becoming Ava Gardner

1/25 c8 Rose1816
Love how it’s turned out!
10/25/2020 c8 14Dimac99
This whole thing is just heart-wrenching. I'm not angry with Luke, at least not much apart from the New Year's thing, I'm just sad for all that lost time. And heart-wrenching as this is, it's still better than the nonsense of the revival. Emily was right when she said they were like roommates. Not because they hadn't got married per se, but because their lives were still separate - as evidenced by the conversation about April's tuition and the lack of conversation over NINE YEARS about marriage and children.


Yes, I'd prefer to imagine they spent most of them apart than together but still utterly unable to communicate. Plus, the Ava Gardner reference was a good 'un. Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice that lump, I thought I might be imagining it. I assumed the flesh coloured patch was covering a tattoo so the swimming pool scene surprised me. Maybe Scott doesn't like needles, but I'm sure Dr Lee could have sorted it out in a jiffy! (Yes, I'm a popaholic!)
10/22/2018 c7 grace1600
good story ... Their stories in the series should have been better resolved so that the communication issues were better by AYITL ... I found that really frustrating and annoying in the revival... you story while really hard gives a better base for a long term relationship ... Thanks!
10/23/2016 c7 Guest
It was Awsome, I liked it!
10/9/2016 c7 4Handful of Barbie
Good god, way to make me bawl my eyes out! (That's a good thing, btw. I'm an angst junkie.)

I seriously doubt the Palladino version will resemble this, but great story.
10/8/2016 c8 18PurryCat
Thank you so much for filling the blanks! I don't hate Luke, I love that you didn't write him as the nice knight in shining plaid. He's as flawed as Lorelai, but somehow she gets all the hate. Very anti-feminist...
10/7/2016 c8 fanficfun15
Nice surprise! I liked having Luke's POV added a lot. What a stubborn ass he was :) Judging by the reviews, this story certainly provoked much conversation and fueled emotions. Great job, Megs!
10/7/2016 c8 rajjja
Thanks for the bonus chapter. It was great to read it from Luke's POV. And that he realizes that he has never fought for her. You tied it together beautifully.

Still hard to see how they are together but not married in the revival. Can't wait to see how they do it. The suspense is killing me.
10/7/2016 c7 ohyougirl
Thanks for the bonus chapter! Awesome story! Your writing is great, very descriptive while not spilling over into overdone territory.
10/4/2016 c7 rajjja
Great story! Very creative in how they end up together, but not married in the Revival. Your story was full of angst and sadness, but in a good way. You are a great writer :)
10/4/2016 c7 4BiteMarksonHertongue
10/3/2016 c7 1asupercooladieu
Aw man, I'm so upset that this is over! Great story, a really interesting concept and wonderful writing! The only thing I wish is that there was more to it!
10/3/2016 c7 16AWPuRpLePoPtArT
AWWW it was beautiful! thanks for sharing such a great story!
10/3/2016 c7 4JumpingCattleHockey
Whew, what a ride! This was the first Gilmore Girls fic I've read in a number of months, and I am so pleased to see something that breaks the mold, is quite angsty, yet still gets a happy ending. I would have loved to know Lorelai was off gettin' some over the last several years while Luke was as well, but having her remain celibate after all that's happened is far more impactful story-wise. Nicely done. I especially loved the shift in past tense/present tense between chapters - very cool way of distinguishing the time changes (forgot to mention that before, but it really stood out to me reading it all the way through, beginning to end). Keep writing the stories you want to tell, you do it wonderfully. )
10/3/2016 c7 Dsleoasguest
To guest... Easy does it, I just think people forget that Luke was allegedly pining for Loeai in the show but actively kept his life away from her (Nicole and April are two examples).
As for Chris in WBB, well, we can argue the Lorelai psyche issues of needing someone frm her childhood to approve of her, want her, etc., but nobody was an adult after WBB. Nobody. Ugh, that was the beginning of the end for me. Lorelai turned doormat, Luke went all "I am out, no, in, no, out..."... Ouch!
Also, even though Rory was adult age? how do you never again speak to your kids father? Ever? Even at things like graduations and weddings? She could have talked over with Luke why Chris remained in Gilmore lives at all, no argument here, but I find it odd that we see so much about Luke and family devotion in fanfic, whereas on theshow itself, he never seems to cntextualize Chris as Rorys dad and Lorelais Rachel.
Of course, we can and do write novels about the flaws of ASP and yhe million missed chances to make GG stellar, so I end by saying...
By the end of S6, canon should have become, "Nope, LL is not written in the stars" and Lorelai decides to be happy as herself, by herself for a change. But I also wish for world peace, calorie free chocolate, and foot rubs. peace, and no hard feelings, I was not attacking you, just making the point that BOTH were in need of serious therapy.
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