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4/17 c6 17nagiten
hnmm interesting .
wouldnt the last incarnation of team 7 of been minatos team?
4/17 c3 nagiten
so hinata seen her ancestor and the moon gaurdian sees the tiger summons scroll i suspect. and is on her way to true hyuuga power
4/5 c3 2moonlover86
I love that you gave Hinata her own storyline so early on. It makes her more complete as a character, and not just a support to Naruto.
3/28 c46 6The Fox Sage
white needs to be stage 3 fix it please, having blue come after white for flame is ridiculous especially for a stem major as a writer
3/27 c42 The Fox Sage
people latched on because its insane to even suggest, no boss summon is a match for the majority of the tailed beasts let alone kurama. even without the tailed beast bomb he would anhilate her
3/27 c41 The Fox Sage
youre kidding yourself if you think any summon has any chance against kurama, dont hype up your oc summon beyond belief now
3/27 c41 The Fox Sage
aight ill back off yay toads
3/27 c40 The Fox Sage
those ages are ridiculous for fixes i hope you know, gamamaru is abit over 1000 and he was around when hagoromo ,hamura and kaguya walked the earth to say they are older then all of mount myoboku is a stretch
3/27 c39 The Fox Sage
an yes yes it is a stretch toad oil bullet is a toad sage derived technique
3/27 c39 The Fox Sage
kinda dont vibe with that since im sure his sage mode will be sone shoehorned in thing that kitsune can already do, ma and pa are far more memorable then any oc and cutting the connection between him ,his father and jiraiya for an oc anbu is abit much. tbh im not sure what purpose having kitsune in the story serves at all besides to derail key canon shit like toad summoning.
3/27 c38 The Fox Sage
him going straight to 5th gate is wild
3/27 c37 The Fox Sage
respectable sakura for sure but makes sense kurenai wouldnt play that dumbshit and let a kunoichi under here be a aste of space
3/27 c36 The Fox Sage
damn thats rough considering nonon gave kabuto those glasses
3/27 c31 The Fox Sage
i do kinda enjoy the anko kakashi ship even if the fanfic conventional iruka ship is more fun usually
3/27 c29 The Fox Sage
thats not how the technique seal masters like minato and jiraiya use works, its like chakra forcably tattood into a surface that forms the seals its not some ink conversion think of how ridiculous that explanation sounds
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