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for Tied Together With A Smile

9/19/2016 c3 FloxWeasley
Hey! I'm sorry for your mom, I don't know what it feels to lose her like this but I think that if you could write this story, it means that you're strong.
It is a very beautiful story, I think it is well written and also realistic: Carolyn doesn't know what to do, Amelia feels rejected from her own family (Nancy above all) and gets cruel when is high, and hurts Lizzie (just like she did on Private Practice with Addie)
I like the way you showed her relationship with Addison, I love the fact that the two of them consider the other a sister.
And Derek!
Sometimes he is an ass and in fact at the end of the story he is a little hard on Amy but he loves her so much, she is his little sister and he was so scared of losing her.
But Mark is right, she's alive and that is all that matters.
You painted a very realistic and beautiful view of the Shepherd family when hit with tragedy: they stick together and that's something that I love.
Good job! I hope to read more from you in the future :)

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