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1/26 c2 AmazingandCool
Even though this story was never finished, the line, "That's so frakking adamantium," is a great end. After all the intense fighting that happened... well, that's a cliffhanger that makes me feel like all these characters had a happy ending. This story was freaking metal!
11/16/2020 c2 207NeonZangetsu
Perfection, this is. Shame the author seems to have died...

11/16/2020 c2 ccl1995
This is really well done, especially the chemistry between the characters. Hopefully you continue it one day.
10/29/2020 c2 8UndeadLord22
You need to have a comeback m8, cant have this story hangin
10/4/2020 c2 AdaptiveAvamaton
'That's so frakking adamantium' had me HOWLING
9/20/2020 c2 4gold crown dragon
very wholesome i got to tell you that.
8/31/2020 c2 5GrindingV2
Every goddamn time. The actually good fics are abandoned. Fuck.
8/19/2020 c1 2Newland Archer
Loved this! Your battle scenes are always so engaging and thrilling to read. I also really love your characterization of the Astartes. It actually made me feel really hopeful that humanity could have such stalwart defenders. Would love to read more.
8/12/2020 c2 Helluva Pawn
Just discovered this masterpiece and read it in a single sitting. I really really hope that one day you will continue this. Till that day comes know that you have a new and loyal fan waiting patiently.
8/10/2020 c1 15Doomsdayguy12345
This was masterly written I'd say, grimdark but illuminated with hope, that only space marines bring.
7/1/2020 c1 Guest
for everyone asking if this fic is dead, the guy is continuing it on spacebattles! there’s two more chapters there, last update was near the end of 2019 so don’t give up hope (:
5/25/2020 c2 Hskidmore49
Ok this whole story is great and fun to read heres hoping you continue it.
3/30/2020 c1 59Ron the True Fan
(Manly tears) I want to see more. The Lementors are one of the greatest chapters in 40K.
They deserve no bad luck. May we die in glory, brothers!
3/25/2020 c2 Guest
so went to spacebattles to read story and there's a big gap in story it goes from meeting the council's to suddenly ending up at mountain gleen
3/18/2020 c2 Some guy 161
Man I hope you'll update on here after you finish w/ the one on spacebattles.
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