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1/18 c6 Guest
Wow! Hermione and the Weasley's just told a whole group of random people all of Harry's personal business. With friends like that ...who needs enemies. Hopefully Harry won't be a doormat in this story, like so many other stories, and just continue on with his so-called friendships with them as if they haven't completely betrayed him.
I can't believe they told them that he grew up abused! Then Hermione adding in about his lack of confidence! Wow! Talk about a knife in the back! This story has been fantastic so far! I truly hope it doesn't end up a doormat Harry story. Back to reading now...
6h c2 KarlArsch0815
Hmm... with chapter 1 you had my interest,
chapter 2 pretty much killed it.

Instead of harping on all the problems with this chapter - lets just say it kills the story flow if you make it a giant retrospect dump on some OCs that are already dead.
7h c2 Daggerxxx
Terribly long, boring and uninteresting. Fierce masturbation for honor, nobility and pride. And how noble they all were in the past, mmm. And then it all fucked up somewhere, yes.
1/18 c2 wierdscience13
Arcturus must have a super pensieve, it can read people's thoughts and show things that the person whose memory it is couldn't possibly see.
1/18 c9 2Countess Slytherin of Emeralds
Daphne when portraide like this I feel like she is alot like Artemis if you read Pertemis fanfics, it's quite interesting to compare them and I feel like J.K. ROWLING could have used Daphne as a love interest for Harry because it shows the other side of Slytherin it's not just Malfoy and the Gang there are other Slytherins that are just Cunning and Ambitious Ravenclaws.
1/17 c20 kikistimi
This was absolutely amazing and I absolutely loved reading it. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome work!
1/17 c5 Vaishnav Vijay
I don't understand why there telling Harry's secret without his permission
1/16 c6 anotherSad0
Furthermore, regarding magical vows, being able to FORCE (chapter 6)someone to swear to something? Voldemort would just crucio everybody until everyone would obey him via magical vow.

Stupid trope, it really ruins this
1/16 c1 anotherSad0
"I swear on my life and magic never to reveal the location of the slytherin common room to those who aren't in the known"

Magical vows are so stupid and it kinda ruins the story. Imagine, Charlus Potter dies because of that and the line goes extinct and the Grindelwald war is lost. How... glorious... /s

That's one of the worst tropes, and I'm irritated that it has it's way into this story with a genuine new idea.

"Slytherin head of house asks him where he's coming from, Charlus Potter answers, but didn't see a Hufflepuff behind him, BOOM he has BROKEN THE VOW and loses his magic and life."

Who else agrees with me?
1/13 c20 1DJDrake
Ending killed me. I just have something in my eyes nothing else.
1/8 c20 1Diana P.W
It has been wonderful reading the story. While the warning about the deaths scared me initially, they were woven well into the story and served their purpose. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful piece of art.
1/4 c9 Guest
I hate Daphne and I will always always HATE Her and writers over use of Harry Daphne pair. It's a pathetic overused pair with no emotional attachment whatsoever. I hate this pair and she is always a rude bitch in start. Hermione was always the better paired girl opposite Harry or even Susan.
1/5 c8 1ShadowxWing1701
Your depiction of Dumbledore was absolutely perfect. Your handling of characters and how human they are I their imperfections is something you find seldom in many stories. I'm expecting more dimension and emotion to Harry as I continue reading. This is the first real story I've been enamored with for a while
1/4 c1 Simianpower
Paragraphs and punctuation, man! Starting off a story with a wall of text, which by all rights should be broken up into about 6 separate paragraphs, and among which are sentences that should be separated into two or even three, is an interesting technique but not one I'd recommend. Many sentences in this chapter alone are basically two or more sentences glommed together, either without punctuation at all or with the wrong punctuation (e.g. a comma where there should be a period). And then there are the sentences that need punctuation, usually commas, and don't have them. And your dialog punctuation is awful. I'd say in the first third or so of this chapter, over 60% of the sentences were punctuated incorrectly.

This is a decent start to a story, but really needs a solid grammar overhaul since it's harder to read than it should be, especially for a first chapter. I want to read it, and I like what I did read, but I can't keep going even through the entire first chapter. If I'm taken out of the story not once, not twice, but dozens of times every few paragraphs by confusing and incorrect grammar, reading the story is more chore than fun.
1/4 c22 JuliusMD
Thank you for writing Honour Thy Blood
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