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for Honour Thy Blood

3/23 c17 Nicthalon
I just wish we could all get over this "all men hate shopping unless they're vain poofs like Malfoy" mentality. In this case, it's completely contrary to the man Harry has grown into in your story. The Harry rescued by AOB would be gracious about it, even in the company of only family and loved ones.
3/21 c3 Guest
I’ve now read this book 5 times and it gets better every time I read it it deserves a sequel in my opinion or if you the author could describe to me fiction related to this particular material I would be very appreciative
3/14 c11 santos.luis.contato
Dude... Ir makes no sense that Giny and Luna would be at the Weasley house at this moment... They should be at Hogwarts... ?
3/12 c22 Gordon
Well, it's been a long time now and my memory has been a disability for decades due to both health and ultimately aging. This is at least the third time I've read the original "honor thy blood" and I've read the "remastered version all the way through, but I've yet to see what might have inspired the "remastered " version nor do I see it as an improvement, but to each their own.
In any case, thanks for your efforts
3/3 c5 the scorpion commander
2/27 c22 Alphahead21
I was searching for a mature HP story that isn't smut only or, one shot and I found this. I loved every piece of this. My relationship pairing would usually be Harmony yet this pairing with Daphne although not the best, is a great one set in the world you've established.
While most fics I've come across are mature rated either due to smut involved or the violent version, yours however deals with ramifications of war time more believably than i have seen so far.

Since I have read this after completion, i really don't know how well you thought out ahead with the chapters But I felt that the pacing is Just right. Not too many cuts as if the words have ADHD, and not too slow as if every hour of the day is a new chapter.

Thank you for this amazing piece of writing.
2/22 c11 jonahtapper1228
Those two stories are both great
2/20 c6 Thatonereviewer
For the most part your story has been really good so far. I especially liked the section about Arcturus' history with Charlus and Dorea and thought that was really well done.

Though I would say I'm a bit disappointed this chapter that you fell into the common make the protagonist at least 6 feet and super muscled fanfic trope. It feels too much like wish fulfillment fantasy over what actually makes sense. Harry was malnourished and short for most of his life even disregarding the curse scar, it's unlikely he'd ever be much taller than average height and that's ok. You don't need your protagonist to be towering over everyone to have a presence or be intimidating. And while it does make sense for him to have some muscle definition as he's training to fight, being that built out doesn't make much sense. He's a wizard meaning he'd be prioritizing agility to dodge, cast spells and reach his opponent as well as stamina. His ideal body type would be closer to a runners lithe and nimble. He wouldn't be doing strength training as he just doesn't have the time to do it as he'd be prioritizing learning spells and dodge training. Strength training would be an inefficient waste of time and I doubt Arcturus Black tolerates inefficiency.
2/18 c20 30Hawklan
just finished this story and wanted to say thank you. I really enjoyed it. Tx for sharing
2/13 c20 2PerseusKyogre09
Wow. I really don't have words for this.
I've finally started reading your other stories (I've read Stepping Back before and am following the updates of When Roses Bloom Again, and I'm glad I read this one. The story has touched me emotionally than most other stories have, and it's written very very beautifully. Thank you for writing this amazing masterpiece.
2/8 c20 GeminiEyes
Awesome story! I think you did well with how you portrayed Dumbledore as a good man that made mistakes. That was refreshing for me. The story line was awesome and the character developments of Arcturus and Bellatrix were fun. I really enjoyed reading it
2/6 c19 fantasyinmymind
6th time I've read this and this chapter still makes me cry.
2/6 c20 jurmaev
I truly enhoyed this story. I love the originality of the plot, and Harry's growth as a character. Excellent work!
2/3 c2 Guest
I am rereading your text for the umpteenth time. Today I realized that the sequence aboit the fighting and the healing of Arcturus has a flaw: It is Arcturus' memory, so the scenes with him absent shouldn't be possible.
I most certainly don't expect you to rewrite the passage, but maybe you can think of an explanatory sentence or two to insert?
Love, Bihi
2/3 c7 Khumo
Yea the French accent is unbearable just a little too much otherwise love love it
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