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for Honour Thy Blood

2/16 c1 gryphindoros
lmao id just walk on fuck everybody else he LITERALLY has never had anyone other than his parents truly care. its rediculous authors play the your a hero go back to life harry with his raising he wouldnt give a flying flip
2/15 c20 ClarkFe
Absolutely loved this story! I’ve come back so many times to reread, its crazy.
2/13 c9 Soraslove
Daphne seems like a spolied bitch, lol.
2/12 c19 LaurieLyd
I have laughed more and cried more reading this story than I have reading anything else in a long time. This is phenomenal I'm only a couple chapters from the end but I could not wait to tell you how much I enjoyed this. You are seriously talented. I read all the time. I'm chronically ill and I cannot work or even do a whole lot a lot of the time and I read to escape from pain and illness. Don't need sympathy but I will say that reading stuff like this helps a lot. It also screws with my ability to sleep because I could not sleep I had to keep reading lol but it's so worth it this is just amazing
2/11 c20 codeninja676
Absolutely beautiful ending, probably the most heartfelt ending I've seen for a HP fic. Kudos to you author.
2/8 c5 Sovjetgamer
I think you made a mistake with the date of Charlus' journal againts the giant. From what you have told us Charlus was still in school when Grindewald began his rise in power so he wouldn't have been alive in 1915
2/5 c10 4Zeffairan
you know, ive read your stories a lot, but as I am reading this chapter, i am coming to the realisation that I picture your portrail of Arcturus Black to look like Ezio Auditore de Firenze from Assassins Creed, in this story he has his build from AC Revelations but more grey hair, and in both Stepping Back and Whispers of a Raven he looks just like Ezio from AC R. And i cant help but be even more impressed with the man he is.
There, my little monologue done, thx
2/1 c17 Reaper1990
Hahaha house-elf rambo loooooooooooooool.
1/31 c11 Reaper1990
Please for the love of god take umbridge out she is a massive moron and needs to be put down.
1/31 c5 Reaper1990
Why not peirce the roof of its mouth?
1/27 c22 Xyhic
First off I wanted to thank you for your efforts. You are a really good writer who knows the HP world really well. I read the whole book in two days and thought the overall pacing and world building was awesome.

1. Loved the France part I think others who keep it to just Britain are limiting their writing, or better yet keeping their stories in a sandbox.
2. Loved the Sirius and Harry relationship.
3. Loved the post war effects.

1. Was not a fan of the Daphne and Harry relationship. I don’t mind the pairing but it didn’t seem earned. If you ever get a chance to read Eclipse of the Sky that relationship is very well done. (It’s got its own problems).
2. Voldemort was too weak. He didn’t get many wins and every time we saw him he was whining. Maybe have a bit more mystery, show and not tell. Create more fear, have him kill someone important when Harry wins to make it more like a war in the shadows.
3. Don’t love the side characters, Ron got gutted, Hermione was too agreeable, and none other than Sirius really shined. Even Dumbledor felt gutted and too good. Natalie felt so random and felt like just a way tell other characters how good and gentle Harry so we went along with how dark his justice was.
1/26 c3 yourfoxydope
The ravings of a delusional idiot. I hope u delete this cringe
1/25 c1 LennyFaceSupplier
httpsdiscord. gg/aCtqGer5
1/24 c20 gdecon
1/16 c19 csheila
Beyond outstanding
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