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for Of sippy cups and plushie Baymax

10/25/2020 c3 4FigsVsNewton
Im still waiting for most of your stuff to be uploaded, and updated, Ill always be in the corner of such adorable couples, and such a great writer! Good luck!
9/7/2019 c3 8Ishiro Shizuka
Espero lo continĂșes, todas tus historias de ellos me gustan
Escribes de forma que uno pueda sentir lo que ellos sienten, maravilloso.
6/28/2019 c3 onepieceDUDE24
Ok so tadashi is with Harry before the movie and pretty much becomes hiros second brother then the movie happens and tadashi dies
6/24/2019 c3 4FigsVsNewton
I think im in love, i wish this continues, its so cute
4/27/2017 c3 avid reader
continues prologue is done time to move on and explore this work.
2/27/2017 c3 15J-walker
DEFINITELY LOVE IT! Your writing in this is good, just read your other HPXBH6 fic and I can really see the improvement! I hope you'll continue with this one, I can't wait to see how their relationship progresses! Wouldn't mind some Haru and Hiro interaction in the coming chapters :D Hiro's like their biggest fan! Ooooh maybe a Cass-Luna-Hiro devious meeting where they discuss their favourite boys and how to get them together already XD I look forward to whatever you come up with : )
2/9/2017 c3 SilverStarWaters
...So is Tadashi the sister or the husband lol? I kept forgetting to follow this both times you updated before, oops?
2/8/2017 c3 2GreenDrkness
Thats so funny and adorable
Keep on the writes
9/27/2016 c2 3Phantom Aficionado
so! cute! my heart! can't take it!
9/27/2016 c2 2GreenDrkness
So cute
Keep on the writes
9/27/2016 c2 Armed Truth
You should totally have Luna and Aunt Cass plot.
9/22/2016 c1 littlepanther
I'm enjoying this pairing. Love the adorable Hiro :)
9/20/2016 c1 Lady Kaiki
Awesome ! Plz, update soon !
9/20/2016 c1 3Phantom Aficionado
I know Hiro's a genius but no two year old has speech that well developed. He sounds more like five year old tbh. That makes more sense age difference wise anyway. Parents don't usually have kids 15 years apart but 10 years is more likely.

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