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6/15 c5 Guest
Lieutenants don't refer to NCOs as 'sir'. Master Chief is great and all but he's very specifically an NCO (he's a Master Chief Petty Officer, hence the name) and while that rank has to be respected. (good officers listen to experienced NCOs), he is outranked by literally every officer.
4/17 c28 1Depredador
This is probably the fourth time I re-read this story. The humor, the building up romance, the action, I love it! I hope you find the time and motivation to continue it soon.
3/22 c3 2Qriiz
Too many plotholes.
1. The humans open the relay but didn't sent a single scout ship or even a drone?
2. In this story, Shanxi should should at least be a military or research facility, with at least dozens of ships as guards, not population center, there is UNKNOWN alien artifact for god's sake.
3. Sending ground troops in the middle of enemy's controlled area is stupid military decision, they would be bombarded by enemy Anti Air armaments and interceptor-class ships.
4. Human military willing to stand down in front of aliens they thought of as Covenant? Seriously?
5. Monstergirls existence is irrelevant in the most important aspec of this story, Spaceships battles.
6. The word choice of Bullying, Kicking Ass, Peace, in the middle of thousands death? what the hell is wrong with this characters? are they psychos with zero empathy?
12/15/2023 c5 1SubtlyGenius
Amazing chapter and an incredible piece of writing. Very inspiring.
9/9/2023 c23 deion.billsie
As someone who found your work awhile ago but have never left a review. Your work is astonishing for it captures what us humans can do against a overwhelming foe. It visually pictures a tale of monsterious creatures being amazed and afraid of us weak, timid beings. That we as a species knows no limits to what cruelity we will do to survive. I applaud you author.
9/3/2023 c16 11Blackberry Avar
That Codex entry is pure gold. Now I'm imagining the Panzer IV with the american short 90 and a .50 cal.

I like Dracosa; the understated personality. It's hard to justify why I'm drawn to the character, maybe it's the actions over words, or the way she treats everything so seriously. We don't know what's going on inside her head, or the way she's made peace with her past - if she has. She's sort of slotted into the place that Master Chief used to occupy in the games, a fearless badass who doesn't say much. With the MC needing to talk more to get things done, he doesn't feel like MC anymore - it's difficult to write a Halo story based around Master Chief, in that sense. None of his subordinates, squadmates or competitors fit into that role better than Draco.
8/20/2023 c3 Lucis Ambulo
I wanna see Sigma suplex a Krogan. : )
7/14/2023 c28 Mr. 16384
I love this story. Yeah, it hasn't gotten to the routinely promised sexy bits, but it really delivers on action and intrigue and you really fleshed out the world and its people and did a pretty fine job blending everything together. Absolutely love it. There's nothing like reading about cute monstergirls being badass as hell.
Chief's crew is interesting too.
7/7/2023 c28 Casual Dark
Amazing work, glad to to have binged it. Looking forward to the next chapter!
5/13/2023 c28 knacklethrasher1
What a frustrating story, tagged romance and talks of harem, but the romance is about as slow burn as one smoldering piece of coal under a pile of drenched logs in a rainstorm.
4/22/2023 c28 Guest
Big fucking dissapointment of a story.

Don't know what I expected when I went into this, but going by the tags "Romance and Humor", I expected romance and humor. Now I admit that I only managed to stay interested until about chapter 13 before i started to simply skim through and ignore everything except for the segments that had the Chief in them, and still it didn't interest me in the slightest,

This story has to be one of the slowest, and most boring slogs that i've ever attemted to read, and I read Faust.

Jesus Christ, this isn't Romance and Humor.
2/27/2023 c28 21ceroxon
I hope the batarian battle plan is progressing and we have a lot of news next chapters.
2/25/2023 c16 9Nancho The Supreme
I don't really like the Russian IFV for a couple of reasons. Namely that I can't pronounce it's name and secondly, it's not an IFV. That's a light tank, just like the Scorpion [despite the universe's insistence that it is an MBT.] With the exception of the canon, it's literally an improvement upon every aspect of the scorpion. That would make sense if it's a prototype light tank, intended to replace the Scorpion at some point in the future, but it certainly has no business replacing a Warthog or any of the actual IFVs in universe. I would also say that, from a narrative perspective, it is a bad choice as the implementation of mass effect technology has allowed it to overcome every hurdle known to balancing a design. Armored enough to engage MBTs head-on, light enough to be amphibious or deployed via air drop and capable of transporting infantry. That's too powerful, in my personal opinion.
2/23/2023 c28 SpudyPotato
Great chapter! Plenty of stuff going on and things moving forward at a decent pace. Is Desolas attempting to create SPARTANs using magic? Whack.
2/22/2023 c4 Nancho The Supreme
I want to clarify something, material science is complicated. Kevlar and carrier plates fulfill two entirely different functions in combat. Kevlar has a high tensile strength and great shock observation, unlike steel or ceramics. Steel and ceramics rely on their molecular bonds, their rigidness/stiffness, to resist deformation and that makes them terrible at shock absorption. There is a reason why we paid the two together.

Spider silk can not do what steel does, it’s not rigid/stiff enough to replace armor plates. It could fill a similar roll to kevlar but not steel or ceramics. With that being said, hardness was mentioned in a previous chapter that discussed a dragon-girl’s scales. Unfortunately, hardness doesn’t make good armor either as hardness translates into brittleness. It’s the armor scales are harder than steel then you face the real possibility of spalling occurring *underneath* the scales as well as cracking. The Soviet tanks in WWII had that same problem.

Like I said, material science is complicated.
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