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3/11 c1 kevinkocher1
space marine 2 is coming
1/24 c1 Trol la la lol
Laughs in Space Marine II trailer!
7/22/2019 c20 Rake1810
Excellent story and an excellent theory.
1/8/2018 c20 A.G.W
What a sad ending. Mira is still under the Tau's brainwashing and helping them to do the same to many others.
10/26/2016 c1 fallenthantos
Actually funnily enough leandros actually did go against the codex astartes buy turning titus into the inquisition. By the codex he should have talked to the librarian or chaplain of the chapter to have them investigate for heresy. Not to mention it's implied the only reason the inquisitor actually took titus in for questioning is because of his rank it makes him to risky on the off chance he's corrupted. In fact it's a popular fan theory he's an unknowing champion of Khorne since many of the chaos gods often will help those even if they are fundamentally against them and Khorne's followers often become immune to magic and can be reinvigorated by bloodily killing things.
10/9/2016 c20 SomeReader
While not a terrible story I think your style needs a bit of work. The story jumps back and forth between characters and locations, some only having a few paragraphs before we switch to a another. It makes it difficult to get invested, because it all feels somewhat superficial; a tighter focus on fewer characters would have helped I think. Also more description. The environment got very little of it at times, not always, but often the 'scene' needed a bit more setting up, like including sounds, smells, the lighting, temperature. Atmosphere can do a lot for a story.

I also think you need to take another look at the lore if you want to continue in-lore stories. For example, Sisters of Battle do not consider Astartes abhumans, since they are modified with the gene-seed of the primarchs, the Emperor's Sons. The Sisters would never out of principle despise someone who has something of the Emperor himself inside of him. The Order of the Sacred Rose does have a reason to hate the Blood Ravens, because of the Kaurava-conflict, no question about that, but because their Astartes.

I also felt the Governor felt...wrong, forced; not my cup of tea. There are plenty more things that made me frown and wonder throughout the story, but you get the idea.

Now to your final author's note, the Thousand Sons actually make the most sense of all. First, Horus pretty much killed all loyalists of his Legion(and of other traitor Legions) on Istvaan III. That enough loyalists of that Legion survived to create a chapter is unlikely, if not impossible. Also Kyras had a pact with the Black Legion, which he eventually the broke when he didn't need the Legion anymore, but until then he didn't want the Blood Ravens to interfere.

The Thousand Sons however have several reasons speaking for them. As you mentioned we have the high number of psykers, also the obsession with knowledge, and we know thanks to the Horus Heresy novels that when Prospero was attacked not all Thousand Sons were on the planet. So it is plausible that enough survived, discovered what had happened to their chapter, but decided to remain true to the Emperor. One even returned to Prospero after the destruction and vowed to discover who had truly set those terrible events in motion.

Even the Blood Ravens' colours are very similar to the original colours of the Sons, when they were loyal. More improtantly there was the Cult Corvidae, their symbol being a Raven's Head, their motto being "Knowledge is Power". The Flesh Change is of course an issue, but it only affected a few and only those using their psychic powers. Plus there is a gap of millennia between the Heresy and the appearance of the Blood Ravens, so maybe they found a way to supress that mutation, something the Legion itself had worked on already before the Heresy. Also a strong faith in the Emperor helps and given that they have forgotten their Primarch, the Blood Ravens often turn directly to the Emperor in prayer.

And there is the psyker Kallista Eris, who was assigned to the Thousand Sons during the Great Crusade. In her last prophecy she said among others "The Ravens, I see them too. The lost sons and a Raven of blood. They cry out for salvation and knowledge, but it is denied!"
While none of this is ultimate proof, much speaks for the Thousand Sons.
10/9/2016 c20 Red Server
The thousand sons is plausible until you take into account the flesh curse thing. Luna wolves actually kinda makes sense as its a lot more horrible and horus is known at large to the imperium.
10/9/2016 c20 1rc48177
And that's why I fucking hate the Tau. They do the most awful things but refuse to own up to it. It's never My fault", no, it was orders, I had to do it, all for the Greater FUCKING GOOD!
10/9/2016 c20 3crazyman844
Damn... Quite an ending. That bit with Mira had my head spinning a little.

Now, I prefer to think that the Blood Ravens are either a split from the Thousand Sons, due to the high number of librarians, or an amalgamation of Fallen Dark Angels and Thousand Sons that didn't turn to Chaos, but your Black Legion idea is a good one, one that could easily work.
10/9/2016 c20 6MEleeSmasher
Umm, don't you mean the Thousand Sons? It is popularly known to be of the Thousand Sons Legion the Blood Ravens came from because of their higher than normal number of Librarians that came into the chapter.
10/7/2016 c1 3A Brick Wall
I remember reading an interview with a member of the THQ staff somewhere. In the interview they briefly brought up a shortened version of the second and third games' plot. The second game had Titus joining the Deathwatch as a Blackshield and then discovering a sinister plot against the Imperium. The third game would have had Titus and several members of his Deathwatch unit going rogue and forming their own space marine chapter in order to stop the threat.

Anyways, Great story and keep up the great work!
10/7/2016 c18 3crazyman844
Poor force commander...

I know it's necessary, but still... After all he has done, all he has been through, to be mind wiped? That's cruel. But such is the nature of the Inquisition. It does what needs to be done...

Aaaand the Sisters of Battle are involved... Welp.
10/6/2016 c17 crazyman844

You should have titled the story 'Warhammer 40k: Finding Nemo' :D

Someone had to make the joke...

10/6/2016 c17 1adrian.cmpbll
Loved this chapter awesome work your doing with the nameless commander but his real name in the novels was Aramus so will he be a blank like captain titus as well?
10/5/2016 c16 3crazyman844
And here... We... Go.
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