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for Suicide and Love

5/17/2018 c1 10Freedom Phantom
Le'Olam lo od. Never Again, though in Hebrew the context is different as it has to do with HaShoah. It was very good, no worry. It helps to know you're never alone in this cold world of ours. To me I simply think, HaShem is there for me and He'll always be here, just as He did for thousands upon thousands of years ago and for many more until HaMashiach comes. You're a good writer, keep writing and stay motivated.

"Life is the people we love and what we give to one another, loving is giving, giving is life."

"When we serve our creator with absolute love, we treat His creations with absolute love."

Check out Ya'kov Shwekey songs "I Can Be" and "Lo Ya'avod". Great inspiring songs, even if you're not Jewish.

Again, great writing.
7/3/2017 c1 8Radian31
I've wrote a simular story, based on the idea of this. This story is just great!
9/22/2016 c1 19mpowers045
Nicely done

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