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11/15 c453 JC
This is Fun and All,But I like to see Peter in Ongoing Story,Like A big Number Male Heroes have Died,Peter be Survivor and He must wokr with Female Heroes to keep the World Safe.
With Harem of 30 or 50 Women,Who are A Mix of Marvel,DC,Civilian and Ex-Villains.
11/13 c453 wearedeadpool
Sam, Clover, and Alex from Totally Spies (yeah, that animated show from the 2000s).
11/8 c1 1SpidaT
Could you do Aloy from the Horizon games?
10/24 c453 Dylan
Hey can you do lady death and spider man not the marvel the chaos one
10/19 c1 JC
For Holloween I hope you do Peter and Elvira:Mistress od the Dark.
10/8 c1 justinmarshall989
Can you do tsunade,kushina,mikoto,kaguya
10/8 c453 Jr850
Could you please do Spider-Man with Diana, Donna, Cassandra and Artemis.
10/4 c453 VolcanicFury596
Could you please do Spider-Man with some naruto girls?
10/4 c3 Guest
Can u likee make an index or smtg in first or last chapter? Coz it's impossible to see all chapters
10/3 c453 Zeo Gold
Hey man you mind making one on princess audrey of kasnia
10/3 c82 Zeo Gold
Hey man could you please make one on princess audrey of kasnia
10/2 c100 Brother V
Don't use the lords name in vain
10/1 c453 Mickey2410
You should do Emma Frost, Jean Grey and Psylocke; Livewire and Killer Frost; Firestar and MJ; and White Rabbit
9/28 c453 4Superflash123
make a smut that is mainly on stargirl
9/28 c453 4Monster King
Good job
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