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5/13 c334 4Monster King
Great work
5/11 c333 13mastergamer14
Here’s an interesting suggestion: use Alcina Dimitrescu/Tall Lady from Resident Evil Village
5/11 c333 233gunman
This was hot. Pity it wasn't longer.
The only thing that would have made it better, is if Angelica was waiting for Peter in his room, with Emma, to show off her seduction techniques that Ms. Frost taught her. Emma tries to show that Angelica can get any man she wants, and she wants Peter.
Nice work.
Keep working.
Write on.
5/11 c333 4Monster King
Awesomeness I enjoyed it a lot
5/7 c331 JC
Great,I hope you do a ongoing Spider-man's story soon?
With Him Geting lucky with a big number of Women.
5/9 c332 Monster King
Great work
5/5 c330 Guest
Great,More Women from Overwatch,Younger Ana,Mercy,Tracer by her self,then Peter with Tracer and Emily,Mei,Brigitte,Pharah,Symmetra,Zarya and Diva.
5/4 c1 Guest
please Arrow's story series volume 1-5 was awesome.
can you write about it for sure Grant Ward (Marvel's Agents of shield) and Stefan Salvatore (Vampire diaries)
5/6 c331 Monster King
Awesome please continue I enjoyed it
5/4 c330 233gunman
Nice one.
I personally would like to see a story with Peter and three girls: Laura Kinney, Courtney Whitmore and Samantha Eve Wilkins. (X-23, Stargirl and Atom Eve) Three girls from three different universes.
Or maybe some girls from Hanna-Barbara?
Anyway, great job.
Write on.
5/4 c330 4Monster King
5/2 c328 Guest
Please do Shuri next
5/2 c329 Monster King
5/1 c328 masters123lfm
Wow this story is good. I got a good girl option what you think of Roxanne Spaulding aka Freefall from dc comics?
5/1 c327 233gunman
Very nice with Zoe here.
We gonna see Andromeda and Shadow lass go at Peter as well?Hey, have you considered a race between Penelope Pitstop and Peter Parker? Loser has to do anything the winner says.
Still, great job. Look forward to even more.
Write on.
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