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for The Chasm Between My Mind and Me

11/2/2018 c18 insecurefangirl1944
What? No more? I’ve waited years to check up on this againa and still no updates? Ahhh!
1/3/2018 c18 KattenFindus
I just stumbled on to this story when procrastinating my law studies, and it's exactly what I needed. I hope you get back to writing regularly soon because this is really interesting and I want to see how it'll turn out. I like your take on all the avengers characters and how they interact with Bucky.
Greetings from Sweden
12/14/2017 c18 Guest
This story is both expansive and remarkably well done. Your exploration of who Bucky is remains the most impressive I have read to date. Bravo and congratulations. Hopefully your real life will allow you time to encourage your creative endeavours. Keep up the good work!
11/28/2017 c18 7Carcrash87
I love this! It's a fascinating read, your style of writing really allows for visualisation. can't wait to read the next chapter
10/26/2017 c2 4CTpoetgirl63
I really like and enjoy the style of writing you use here. I can visualize the scenes. The part "James" plays is an approach I hadn't thought of. Cool.
10/26/2017 c1 CTpoetgirl63
I like this so far...interested enough to keep reading... what's next...?
10/23/2017 c18 5ESCotLoE
Love this...
so I read this in a day, almost missed going to work cause I needed to keep reading.
10/18/2017 c18 56Ruby Rosetta Red
This has to be one of the best recovering Bucky fics i've read on this site in a long time. I love the concept of 'James' and how he changes depending on Bucky's frame of mind, it's an interesting concept that absolutely works and something i could visualise very easily. Amazing quality of writing, i've devoured all eighteen chapters this evening and look forward to reading more, as and when they appear. :)
10/18/2017 c17 Ruby Rosetta Red
Absolutely loved this chapter, the power that flowed beneath the words. The confrontation between Bucky and The Soldier is something i would've loved to have seen on screen. Amazing writing as always.
10/18/2017 c15 Ruby Rosetta Red
Poor Bucky, that the storm would make him scream like that...

The quality of your writing just keeps me spellbound as well as absorbed. Just amazing stuff.
10/18/2017 c9 Ruby Rosetta Red
Gorgeous chapter. Just gorgeous.

(Trying to say something more coherent than that but currently failing...)
10/18/2017 c8 Ruby Rosetta Red
I do love how you write the Avengers in this story, how perfectly. I'm absolutely enthralled by your interpretation of a recovering Bucky, if there were ever to be a solo movie, this would be how it should be. Gradually done. It's not rushed at all and it's perfect.
10/18/2017 c5 Ruby Rosetta Red
What an absolutely incredible chapter. I love your interpretation of a triggered Winter Soldier and how Bucky attempts to fight through it. Amazing stuff! :)
10/18/2017 c18 Firestar'sniece
Dear Reign of Rayne,

Must you break our hearts? Bucky doesn't forgive himself? Nooooo!

Seriously, though, I loved this chapter! I love how Bucky was able to truly start opening up to Steve. And, of course, while Bucky had just about worked up the courage to tell Steve about his personality splits, Steve has to be interrupted. Poor Bucky.

With everything that's happening, and with Bucky receiving celebrity visitors, like Steve, it makes me wonder how long he's going to be able to keep his secret for.

It also makes me wonder when Hydra is going to go after him again.

Please update soon!


10/18/2017 c2 Ruby Rosetta Red
I've just discovered your fic and i'm absolutely intrigued. I love this idea of there being Bucky but also James and the different ages of him. So original. The writing and characterisations are also top notch :)

And onto the next chapter i go...
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