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for The Cyborg

10/2/2016 c1 Guest
I hope you add some of the upgrades in the game to your oc
9/27/2016 c1 Guest
Seems ok so far
9/27/2016 c1 Jack
Seems good so far like that u have gone with a cyborg oc iv seen so meny were the oc is just a normal human so its a nice change also hope its a blake/oc so far all i see is ether the oc paired with ruby or yang there is not to meny blake /Oc storys so it also would be a nice change cant wait till next chapter
9/21/2016 c1 Guest
You have to keep making more chapters of this the game is amazing and so is rwby and I like what you did with your oc and wrist blades called Nano blades
9/22/2016 c1 1Ender the multiverse Detective

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