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5/12 c15 6hardcoreGSfan
"I always thought it was weird that Gundam has this long philosophical conversations in the dead center of a violent battle. I have a lot of trouble talking and running at the same time, if I can at all, and I imagine taking your concentration away from the people shooting at you should probably end badly. So why not have the chit chat take place on downtime?"

OMG IKR I can never get that one scene from GS out of my head where Rau and Kira are fighting and arguing and then there's just this period where Rau is ranting at Kira without either of them shooting at each other but it's really clear that they're both moving at high speed in real time because THE GENESIS GOES BY IN THE BACKGROUND LIKE WHAT EVEN
4/11 c15 1davycrockett100
12/9/2017 c14 davycrockett100
12/8/2017 c14 18Pri-Chan 1410
I cant wait to see what will happen!

Please update soon!
12/8/2017 c14 3Reishin Amara
Gotta admit I love that you use durandal in this story...
12/8/2017 c14 1Gregoron
I really wish I could watch mecha animes just so I could read these stories.

Do you think there will be a cult potter chapter this month (or another potter fic)?

12/5/2017 c13 2Twillightfairy
I love how you mixed the various stories together. I do have a couple of questions the first being is Mayu's friend Feldt supposed to to bring G00's Feldt Grace? The second question I have is about Kira and Cagalli are they twins here like in canon, and who's older?
11/5/2017 c13 Unknown Miko
Please update Nicol's savior soon and thank you for finally updating strike reborn. P.s. Happy thanksgiving.
10/27/2017 c13 Unknown Miko
Sorry that I haven't reviewed in a while but please update soon. I just have to find out what happens next.
8/20/2017 c13 Animegeek
It's a great story please update soon I realy want to now what te reactions of Nicole and Athrun Will be, and dat Kira will be oké .
7/22/2017 c13 flo463
Better fanfiction on Gundam Seed! The more I read it, the more I say to myself that this is the way the anime would have should have unfolded.. With a fanfiction as your they would have been able to appoint you a scriptwriter of the anime w
7/16/2017 c13 Tenshiwings101
It's a great story I can't wait to read more !
7/8/2017 c13 Guest
7/7/2017 c13 Guest
Aren't Shinn and Lunamaria around the same age along with Rey? How come Lunamaria seems to be older here?
7/6/2017 c13 1davycrockett100
awesome job
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