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for The Dark Romantic Story of Paul and Marley

6/22/2020 c1 3Curse Of Kings
Does Maylene give out any no holds barred beatdowns in this story?
11/16/2019 c1 Guest
So story!Paul is kinder and more emotional than normal!Paul?
8/31/2018 c1 WUK19
10/7/2017 c26 77QUEENSPELLER67
Wow. Dawn got the highest score of the girls in the class and Paul got the highest score of the boys in the writing class.

1. Was Laura in the first chapter? Or am I mixing her up with someone?
2. Did Kenny fail the social studies test?
3. Wasn't Lorain a homeroom teacher?
4. Vangs? I think you meant to say bangs. Oh yeah. We need to talk "families" for Rising Hunters.
5. Did you say where Wully, Kalos was located?
6. Xars. Wait. Don't tell me. ...Isn't that where the BRAIN arc began?
7. RIP Max and Sola.
8. In a way, Paul and Marley are living the new lives that their soul siblings never got to lead. Maybe we can tie that into RH...
9. Speaking of Rising Hunters, do you remember me mentioning the name Indigo Sharks?
10. Did you write "New existence" all by yourself?

I'm glad I got to reread this chapter. ...and congratulations, Otaku. This story will be added to my community.
10/7/2017 c25 QUEENSPELLER67
That's great that there's peace in Veilstone! OOh. Jubilife City. That's where I would've guesseed that they move.
10/6/2017 c24 QUEENSPELLER67
What is Xanthippe?

I genuinely feel sorry for Slyvia as I did for Indit and ...Izzy, if I'm remembering right. I remember reading these chapters. Sorry for not reviewing them.

Even though they're dead, I ship Incu and Succu and I have since the beginning of this romantically dark project.

I call their ship TurnedEvilShipping. It seems that they were good people until Greta and Bart ruined their lives. Then they slowly became withdrawn and insane before becoming evil. I have an idea, if you'd like to know. Kind of a ...sequel to this fic.
9/24/2017 c2 Andrew TSung
Okay so far
9/22/2017 c1 Guest
A bit repetitive
3/30/2017 c23 QUEENSPELLER67
That's sweet (and natural) for Dawn to worry about Maylene.
1. Succu must be excited about her sister being out of town. Is she a night owl?
2. Ah Barry. You tried to get Paul to throw a wild party because he was home alone, but I think asking Ash (or Gary or Jimmy, even) would've been your better bet.
3. Actually, she (Maylene) should be referring to Mega Evolution. Meditite evolves into Medicham through level up (I don't know what level) and then with the Medichamite, Medicham can Mega Evolve.
4. Oh yeah. I remember the BRAIN cult and its members. I remember that Zet pretended to be Ellie's father. Which he nailed.
5. The killer has switched to explosives. Anything in particular?
6. Pichu are very cute.
7. Did Sola have to go to the hospital after saving Pichu from the poachers? Again, nice consonance.
8. Sola my soul sister. ...I like the consonance with that.
9. I am willing to wager that the person who hit Paul with a mallet is Succu.
3/10/2017 c22 QUEENSPELLER67
Will Veilstone City become an actual war zone? ...As in, getting the military involved?
1. I know that this is random, but what kind of laptops do Paul and Marley have? Doesn't have to be a specific model or anything, just want to know if it's on the Mac or Windows operating system.
2. Man, I hope Paul and Marley get the honor of killing the murderer. Since this dude (or chick) is doing it out of sheer evil (I'm guessing), I have an OC that could talk to them about revenge.
3. I remember TB. Did the name ever stand for anything?
4. Stellvania sounds like it's home to rich people.
5. Where in Kalos is Stellvania?
6. Wow. Wielding two AK-47s. This is beginning to remind me of some of the times I watched my brother play GTA and other games with guns.

Nice chapter, my friend.
3/10/2017 c21 QUEENSPELLER67
I don't know if I told you this, but I do have plans for Poochyena in Rising Hunters.
1. I really love how you've been unraveling Sola's story. Was she fun to write about when she was alive?
2. International Women's Day was just a few days ago. If you're stuck between chapters, you can have the characters (the females) talking about the killer possibly being a woman.
2/13/2017 c20 QUEENSPELLER67
Amen to that, Marley. Numbness is in fact easier to feel than pain.
1. Ooh, Succu got caught off guard with Paul's dark, deep, true words. She didn't see that coming from her crush!
2. ...agh. Killer clowns. I literally had shivers running down my spine as I read that chapter.
3. Delcatty and Skitty are cool Pokemon. Which do you prefer? It's a hard pick for me, personally.
4. The killer must be strong if they are using a large AK-47.

I'm glad I'm up to speed now.
2/13/2017 c19 QUEENSPELLER67
Does Marley run track or no?
1. Of the girls in the group, I didn't think Succu was a shopper.
2. Chamomile tea is supposed to make the drinker sleepy. I would know because my mom drinks it. Nice reference to the first story I ever read on here by an awesome dude who's one of two to have stolen my heart.
3. I've taken Melatonin to try and help me get to sleep. It didn't work. It had an undesired side effect.
4. Hm. If Paul and Marley can tell each other at least one secret, then maybe David and Eileen can, too, if you catch my drift ;)
5. I think Marley was supposed to say, it sure fucking did, not dead.
6. It should've been complimenting.
7. Back-walking (so I'm told the art/massage is called) takes a lot of concentration and practice.
8. ...them becoming vigilantes might be a good spinoff (or sequel) for Bad Dude Bounty Hunters.
9. Oh yeah. I remember that. ...the chapter where the bikes got infected with a virus.
10. ...way to go Paul! Confessing to Marley~ go, bad boy. You go.
11. Max and Sola were enjoyable to read and their deaths touching. I've got a lot of updating (and explaining) to do.
12. I wonder if the gunslinger was trying to behead people...

Nice chapter and I'm glad I'm catching up, even though I'm supposed to be doing homework.
2/8/2017 c18 QUEENSPELLER67
This might seem unimportant, but I'm curious: what shade of blue is the bench?
1. I really liked Paul calling Ellie brave. I think I'll use that in Rising Hunters.
2. I can't help but wonder if the killer in the hoodie is hot. Not like, good looking hot, but sweaty hot, if that makes sense.
3. Is Xcutioning a real TV show or did you make it up?
4. dark darkness sounds like it'd be a silent film. Is it?
1/30/2017 c17 QUEENSPELLER67
1. What does it mean to hit the nail in the coffin?
2. Nothing like free cookies. I bet Succu was watching him.
3. This is the first chapter (correct me if I'm wrong) that Paul and Marley haven't read about Sola and Max respectively.
4. Either the killer drugged them or gagged them.
5. When you say large retail clothing store, do you mean like a Wal-Mart?
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