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for The Girl with the Sugar Lips

5/25/2021 c18 VryUnique
5/25/2021 c17 VryUnique
I don’t really see what Edward did wrong.
Edward and Bella both entered into a sexual relationship with no string attached, either of them can call it off at any time. Bella called it off and moved on. Edward decided he wanted a relationship with her and invited her to lunch to discuss it. When Edward couldn’t keep his hands off of her and brought lunch she jumped to the wrong conclusion and ran. If Edward asked her to be his girlfriend before he got handsy than there wouldn’t even be an issue. He should not have to apologize because it took him longer to open himself up again after loosing his wife to cancer.
1/29/2021 c20 Guest
The EPOV for this story was great. Finally I get to understand his behavior for the first date.
Thanks for your time
1/27/2021 c1 Guest
I liked to know where the nickname came From.
Thanks for your time
12/5/2020 c20 posum
Loved both stories! Please don't forget the epilogue!
9/17/2020 c5 3CullenCherries
I know it's been a couple years since you posted anything, but I would kill for a couple Esme POV one shots. Especially when she notices Bella wearing the necklace and puts 2 and 2 together.
6/18/2019 c20 Guest
I read Man in Elevator first and it intrigued me. I figured this would display Edward's manly side. But it didn't. It read just like the other story. Almost word for word. As for the confident man we met in Man in Elevator... where was he?
8/10/2018 c20 Gagika
I enjoyed reading his point of view. Thanks!
5/13/2018 c20 Guest
Love reading it from EPV. You did a great job. Also loved the original but for me hearing the male point of view is always more interesting. Thank you for the editing, sometimes stories are so poorly edited that I actually get a head ache from all the mental changes. Looking forward to reading future works.
4/29/2018 c20 cullensrule
Thank you for Edward's side of the story. It was great to see his side of the story.
1/27/2018 c20 amogle
Loved it
1/27/2018 c20 pnkats
such a perfect ending. as always I love Edwards pov a lot. so glad you gave us this
1/27/2018 c16 Sara aka Nikki Black
I had forgotten that they ruined their night. I wish Jasper had reached them sooner so neither one would have gotten hurt.
1/25/2018 c20 DutchGirl01
Loved the ending, thanks so much for sharing this story with us.
1/24/2018 c20 melissamary55
Love it and can't wait for the epi and what the future has for them
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