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for The Girl From the River

8/31/2020 c4 AHSfan23
Hi! I don't know if you'll see this but I just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying this story. I think it's very, very good and so well written and unique. I do hope you plan on continuing it at some point. I know it's been awhile since your last update. Anyway, I'd like to see where you are headed with this. :)
8/8/2017 c4 giantgreengoat
I thought I enjoyed Caliban's dialog in the story the most, this chapter proved me wrong; both of the main characters are superb. Emily is a great character, she is very intriguing, and I love her voice. The description of the crash was also great to read, the account was so believable I could picture it perfectly. I am very much so looking forward to reading chapter five.
7/29/2017 c4 3xxxMadameMysteryxxx
love this chapter, love the character and I love how the story is going so far, plz update soon : )
3/6/2017 c3 giantgreengoat
Again, you convey Caliban's voice with such depth and resonance that he feels very real. Emily Birch, I love her name, is a real treat to read and she feels very easy to relate to. The circumstances are very intriguing as are the details of her specific situation and how she arrived in this time/space. This is a great mystery and I want her memory to come back so I can learn more about her back story. I really enjoyed the application of the poetry to the narrative and variations in tone from the two different characters in how they contrasted, by what I presume are their personal histories, who is Miss Ives. Caliban's reaction to Emily in regard to Shelley's text is also interesting since I have no personal experience with the Penny Dreadful series, as of yet. My curiosity is also peaked by the Banning Clinic and how its fits into the world and if there is a story there as well. Thanks again for sharing another great chapter. Please, keep them coming!
2/25/2017 c3 17knight-of-cookies
Very nice to see an update. It's a hard plot to pull off and you're doing quite well. Great use of poetry in the chapter. I also just used "sonnet to science" in my latest chapter with Caliban as well. What a coincidence. Lol

Hope to you see a chapter soonish.
2/12/2017 c2 xllamaxbuttonsx
I really hope you post more, I've enjoyed what I've read so far and really look forward to reading more. There's not many decent Cal fanfic out there haha
1/16/2017 c2 giantgreengoat
This was a fantastic follow-up to the last chapter. Again, I enjoyed the voice of Caliban and am intrigued as to how this situation will play out and to learn a bit more about his history and character. Emily is an interesting character and appears to be a bit of a, "fish out of water," pun intended in this setting. I liked the witty banter of the nuns and would like to read more on the location of these events if the author is so inclined. Looking forward to reading more!
1/3/2017 c2 Deafield
Good to see an update. Curious to find out what happens next.
11/25/2016 c1 giantgreengoat
I know nothing about the series from which these characters emerged, however because of the strong writing I do not feel like I need to. The characters are intriguing and have well conveyed voice that gives them weight and depth. Tones are established quickly, succinctly, and I really enjoyed the pervasive feelings of solitude. Dialog between the characters was engaging and has me wanting more. I cannot wait to read more of this story. As an aside, I really enjoy the amalgamation of alternate universes, especially when they seem incongruent. Fantastic story, please share more.
10/14/2016 c1 Guest
Fantastic. Looking forward to more.
10/3/2016 c1 knight-of-cookies
Great start. Very cool twist for an AU Character as well. I'm so curious who or what Emily is. Also I think you got John pretty good. I'm writing a story with him too and he seems to ramble in his head a lot in my can't wait to read more.
9/23/2016 c1 Guest
I really enjoyed this! Please update soon! :)

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