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8/14/2020 c3 Jestersky98
Jesus have him grow a fucking spine, over 30 years as a head auror and he still can't talk like a normal person like fidgeting like a little girl
12/15/2018 c1 RatherFabulous
While your command of English has an occasional bobble (and that's true of many native English speakers as well, of course), the final montage of chaos and memories was very well done.
11/21/2018 c4 1Fawkes Flame
Hi there, it's been a long time... Is there a chance you will continue this story? I love it ans I'd like to read more!
11/10/2018 c4 1Priest
Rather interesting story and I would like to see you continue at someday soon rather than later but whatever keep up the good work.
5/30/2018 c4 tamashiyuki
Very good!
Be continued?
1/20/2018 c4 Fallow54
xxxx Kudos xxxx : )
8/11/2017 c3 2musme
I like it
7/4/2017 c2 Disgruntled Imp
XD you total tricked me there with the TG, too bad for me though.
6/13/2017 c4 Ng
This is awesome! Can't wait for more
6/11/2017 c4 TheBeauty
Nice story :)
6/7/2017 c4 5gogo199432
This is a fairly unique story idea. Can't wait to read more ;)
6/7/2017 c4 kenbre
Great start cant wait
6/7/2017 c4 Alumys
I like it and hope that you will continue to write ; )
I also found Hilarious the fact that Harry is stuck in a female body XD
6/6/2017 c4 1Beloved Daughter
Cool story! I look forward to reading more
6/6/2017 c4 4kossboss
haha hopefully he finds his body sometime but awesome start to a book!
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