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3/27 c4 8MayumiWorld
Wrong chapter.
8/2/2019 c32 9Luna Lillyth
Congrats on finishing the story!
*confetti is thrown*
This was a fun ride to have and I’m glad that it had a good ending.
7/23/2019 c31 Luna Lillyth
*exhales* The ending is better than what I expected. I thought that Mephiles would end up with some sacrifice problem (think Blaze from 06) and fade away.
Glad that didn’t happen. :’)
7/8/2019 c30 Luna Lillyth
The end is coming it seems. I still haven’t put the pieces together of what the characters haven’t said, but something hard to take is likely showing up.
Looking forward to it!
6/25/2019 c29 Luna Lillyth
While you were talking about Meph going through the labs, I thought a bit about 06 gameplay. The platforms being hard to get to and all.
But uh, I see that the next chapter is probably going to be more intense.
6/16/2019 c28 Luna Lillyth
Oh lovely. The possibility of the world going up in flames again. How delightful, everyone gets to have their hands full.
Have fun Meph.
6/12/2019 c27 Luna Lillyth
Oh how delightful. *cough* don’t have much to say again.
6/1/2019 c26 Luna Lillyth
Nope, not going to to try to unravel time travel logic. I’m just going to obverse and enjoy the show.
5/29/2019 c25 Luna Lillyth
Oh what fun. One day of friend’s time and then this stuff. The storm has begun.
5/16/2019 c23 Luna Lillyth
I keep forgetting about time travel, so that could be at play here. Time! Mephiles is probably pulling stuff under Silver’s nose since the boy can’t tell with the act. The energy waves (from the early chapters) are probably a part of Meph’s problem and what Time! Meph wants to speed up.
But that’s all I got. Looks like we’re going to have some mystery.
4/4/2019 c22 Luna Lillyth
Plot has appeared. And just when the two had a serious conversation. Seems like a ride of misfortune is on the way.
Guess Eegman’s project is going to hit hard later on, however it turns out.
3/17/2019 c21 Luna Lillyth
I like your representation of Amy in the fic, it would make sense that she would help her friends on an emotional level.
3/7/2019 c20 Anxiousnoise
Hi there! I've really enjoyed reading your story, there's not a whole lot of good fiction out there involving mephiles, and especially in a redemption format, so finding this one was a joy! Very entertaining, I hope you continue writing it
10/29/2018 c20 Luna Lillyth
Oh, things are getting a bit tense.
Friendship on one side, bad history on the other.
8/20/2018 c19 Luna Lillyth
Charm of mysterious words unknown. Even when issues are talked over, not everything is perfectly a-okay.
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