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for Three Years Later

9/14 c7 chrisaae
7/4 c28 1Folk-melody
I did not see that coming! This is getting exciting! Did Cormac and Lavender write those letters?
7/2 c23 Folk-melody
The mystery about the letters is killing me!
7/1 c22 Folk-melody
I loved that they are talking with each other and sorting things out! I am loving it so far!
7/1 c20 Folk-melody
Oh Hermione just listen to him instead of assuming!
7/1 c19 Folk-melody
Ooh I wonder what happened between Ron and Isla? Can't wait to find out!
7/1 c17 Folk-melody
Oh their first kiss in three years! I loved the build up to the kiss.
7/1 c16 Folk-melody
The Weasleys meeting Rosie was perfect! And she's staying! Yay!
6/30 c15 Folk-melody
Loved the family outing and Ron defending Hermione! And the almost kiss was so good!
6/29 c14 Folk-melody
Aw! I loved Ginny interacting with Rosie! And Ron's story when Hermione left him was so sad!
6/27 c13 Folk-melody
Oh Ginny found out! Hermione being attracted to Dad Ron was so great!
6/26 c12 Folk-melody
Loved the flashback scene! I like how you are portraying them!
6/26 c11 Folk-melody
I am enjoying this little family moments very much! Ron learning more about how to take care of Rose was so nice!
6/26 c10 Folk-melody
Oh they are going to spend more time together! Loved this chapter!
6/26 c9 Folk-melody
This chapter was sweet! Rosie just loves her dad!
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