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for True Love Defined v2 (AU)

12/26/2023 c6 16avatargrl11
Bonnie? As in Judy's mom? Is she not her mom in this fanfic or...?
8/21/2020 c20 5Cody Furlong
I love what you did with Nick being more muscled and a former military worh his own private army group. As well as the Native American side of things. However, the fact that Nick is a highly trained former military operative, and Judy esentually sat at a desk all day. I find it bit off character that Judy would be able to constantly get the drop on him. Or have her punches even do anything to him. When Nick should have easily been able to counter and deflect her blows. In any case, I do hope to see this continue. To find out what happens that Judy ends up with Jack's kids.
5/7/2020 c1 cigarette-ahegao
Your writing is brilliant! It captures the reader within the first few seconds. My only complaint is that the story bounces back and forth too quickly for my liking. Don't get me wrong; I love the bits of backstory here and there, but the story switches too much and far too quickly for the reader to digest what's going on.
8/25/2019 c20 Frosty ginger
Can’t wait to see what you have in store
8/24/2019 c20 Biggypappa
I absolutely can not wait. I had given up hope that this story would be continued which was very unfortunate since I liked it so much. Thank you for giving us the good news.
8/24/2019 c20 Mike900
last one was good but you say tge new one is better can't wait to read it.
5/29/2019 c19 Tactical Tyler
So is this story abandoned? There's quite a bit that's still a mystery. I really wanted to know how and why Judy had sex with Jack after all that happened what with them getting married(Even if in a old way) and announcing there love for each other. And then there's the how and why of Nick getting cleared fot his 'crime', there's quite a lot that is yet to be explained and it honestly hurts to see that it isn't and probably won't be shown.
1/21/2019 c19 Frosty ginger
I need to know how Judy gets with jack?! Please continue
9/30/2018 c19 Mike900
will you be continuing this story. I'd love to see where this goes.
9/17/2017 c1 Okamiluver00
Dear god, this is good... and I like the First Nation/Native American aspects, it's saddening that you haven't updated this fic since February. This fic seems dead but I'll hope for the continuation. After all, "anyone can be anything," I'm gonna be a hopeful mammal then.
6/29/2017 c19 AsynchronousTextureStreaming
Are you still writing this?
2/28/2017 c19 28Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
A lot of interesting facts and history in this chapter. It really added a new layer of details to this story in a remarkable rate. Though I wonder how they will get back into Zootopia without Jack finding them. And wondering how he gets her pregnant when her and Nick are now wed as he'll be in huge trouble for that crime.
2/27/2017 c19 Yozia
No offense meant by this, because the story isn't that bad, but it seems to me that it's branched off in a different direction than was originally intended. Are the beginning hospital scenes still relevant, and will we be getting anymore from that angle? If not, that's fine, I'm just trying to figure out how the story comes together.
2/27/2017 c19 Aiden Foxx god. well thats not the steamy-est thing i have read but it does reach up to its limits. so congratulations on that and now i have to go to the toilet.

because i couldnt stop reading and i really needed to pee. not what you think i was going to do you perverted people
2/26/2017 c18 Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
Awww...a very sweet chapter with more backstory from Nick. And I can't wait to see Nick's second family!

And Robby Peterson...I hope Judy and Nick can bring him down!
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