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6/17/2017 c7 6FTxDxD
OMG GRAYZA! Thank you for this! xD They have less fanfics and they deserve more love :3
6/4/2017 c7 5XYZArtemis
Wonderful story! Very well made as well.
5/7/2017 c7 Kiki
Thank you for writing and sharing this story. I haven't watched fairy tail for a bit, but I love the characters and the ideas that their world creates. It was interesting to see how you wove your tale from bits and pieces of the cannon material. Your appendix information at the end was fun also. I'm sorry that you have been disappointed by the series, I hope the next one goes better for you.
3/16/2017 c7 1BrilliantlyReckless
Such a good story there. But i respect that you dont wist to continue it anymore
3/9/2017 c7 50ImpracticalDemon
This final (probably) chapter was a lot of fun to read. Thank you for leaving the story on a high note. Your version of Gray and Erza still manages to feel real, and the characters still both have that sense of "almost but not quite" in the same world as everyone else. Best wishes! ~ Impracticaldemon
12/14/2016 c6 XarksTheHunter
the bit of info on Etherious really put some unsettling vibes for undead Silver and Devil Slayer magic as a whole.
12/13/2016 c7 2Sleepunderthenightsky
both red and black are so sweet.. made me smile waiting for the update
12/13/2016 c7 Absolute-ZERO999
This is really beautiful, the day out moments were adorable and innocent especially Gray's reaction when Erza was laughing, this actually suits them much well than any over the top romance scenario, and then we have lyon, I really loved his role so far, knowing where his lil bro is even when he didn't forgive he still wanted to give something memorable to him.

Overall marvelous chapter and hope to see more of this story (eventually)
12/12/2016 c7 7Kori no Koibito
Aww that was cute :3
But when Lyon appeared... I was like YESSSSSS LYON! , He has such a nice surname! but then he was filled with rage, recognising Gray and his work and I was like...b LYON YOU ASSHOLE! Lmao I like this.
they put so much effort in this New Year. What would they be doing in the coming new years lol
anyway. Childhood over finally. good luck for future chapters!
12/12/2016 c7 117Mnemosyne's Elegy
Oh God, Blue Pegasus lol They're pretty cringe-worthy at the best of times. How Erza handled them was pretty good though...Although I totally wouldn't have complained if she had broken their hands instead, ha ha. And all her stressing about love "magic" and presents was amusing. And a little bit adorable, just because it's cute when she gets all serious and determined about random things.

Jude, huh? Hm. Whoa, Lyon, ha ha. Kinda hope you bring him up again at some point, but it was nice to see him show up finally, and I think you did it well enough. And Gray and Erza are just cute :X
12/9/2016 c5 61EEevee

Alright, the google docs thing helped a lot.

The Daphne bit made me giggle. Uggh, just... she would. But the scene with Erza pointing out how insulated Laxus was, and how utterly naive, was wonderful. And I'm mildly jealous of your ability to write a cohesive and coherent fight scene.
12/9/2016 c4 EEevee
[boogey56] Ah, I seem to have read this out of order, but I'm really appreciating Erza's realization that things outside the tower are different in reference to how it plays in later in chapter 5. But you did a nice job tying the backstories into canon, and I'd say it's in a fairly believable way too. Of course, I'm a sucker for the Ur thing anyway, and I'm looking forward to further along when other characters are introduced.

Heaven's Wheel is perfect. I want one. Granted, I couldn't hold it aloft let alone swing it but that doesn't matter.

While Erza isn't exactly your favorite character to write, I think you do it well. She's more consistent in your story in line with early canon, and the changes she's making are small and don't dull or change her overall character from how it was introduced.

As for Gray, he's adorable. I'm aware that's not exactly news but it's true.
12/6/2016 c6 117Mnemosyne's Elegy
Dwarves lol But I guess there were giants in FT canon, so why not?

Hm, Jura and Ultear, huh? Interesting choices. That part of the chapter dragged a little, but it was interesting to see Ultear and how you used her here. And the memory thing was kinda nice. Interesting take on the demons, and bad Avatar and their demon-y ways.

Ha, there *was* a dragon. I kind of figured there would be, but it was fun anyway. Nice to see Gray being able to do something too. His and Erza's banter is great, as always. The banter is probably my favorite part of the story, tbh. And ha ha, that ending piece. Poor Erza, it's not her fault weird stuff always happens to her XD
12/6/2016 c6 7Kori no Koibito
Ooooo Gray did something cool and shady! No pun intended! And Ul knows him woa
12/6/2016 c6 Absolute-ZERO999
MY BOOT...I MEAN ULTEEE IS HERE, is she going to be the same according to the canon :) , and was that acnologia O.O? Amazing chapter and I can't wait for the next one.
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