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14h c19 Prime808
Where is the next chapter of this awesome crossover
9/25 c5 ggf1
This is a great take on Wrex. I could be wrong... I.m only Human!
9/24 c1 1ODST Trooper
I think adding Isac clarke and john carver in big ass CMS Terra Nova would be great
1 gigant ship (just need to be cleaned from necromorph soup and unitologist crap/madness writings on walls that has marker instructions but sentinels would do the work well)
2 great ass kicking characters with cool looking armors
-I don't know if one universe can hold so much good characters
9/22 c1 DragonTetho
Oh for fu- NOOO MY SHIP OF Cortana and Chief went down the drain.
9/21 c1 D3Diton
next chap when?
9/21 c19 D3Diton
I love how you have to clarify this XD
9/19 c19 6Gabenator5
I have received questions on how I predicted/alluded the fall of Wagner in ch19 shortly before it actually happened and I will state for the record that I was vague on the details because the story is in the fictional 22nd century and the whole conflict of today is just historical trivia to them. the conflict will/is/has screwed both countries and even some of their neighbors over for the long-term no matter how you slice it. I DO NOT HAVE FUTURE FORESIGHT OR INSIDER INFORMATION ON SUCH AFFAIRS. we talk about WW2 and the Korean/Vietnam wars like the future generations will talk about the middle east and Europe 50 years from now. wars are horrible and will likely always be a horrific unnecessary necessity plaguing humanity for all time, yet wars also end. it's like a fire that runs out of fuel. war is always unsustainable long term no matter who you are or where you are. if one side isn't utterly defeated then a diplomatic solution both sides generally hate will be utilized as a compromise and the propaganda will be in full swing as both parties claim victory. Ukraine statistically cannot be defeated, Russia statistically cannot be destroyed by an outside enemy. until a halt to the fighting is presented that the stubborn heads on both sides of the conflict can accept there will continue to be a drain on future resources both nations need for the success of their next generation. the factions involved see this yet are too stubborn to come to a compromise. America and others are too busy watching a major competitor shoot itself in the foot while Ukraine becomes indebted to their massive loans offered in "solidarity" while the military industrial complex takes in the cash. all in all a very heartbreaking situation, a massive expenditure of human life, the financial and environmental impact of this wasteful war will haunt both Ukraine and Russia for decades to come. don't be so easy to lynch one side or the other, do not be so eager to deal out death and bloodshed. Ukraine is right to fight for their land and Russia believes they themselves are right to return the unity of the Slavic states. until a compromise is reached the horror of war will continue. God have mercy on the souls of the innocent, the young and the old ordered to fight. for war certainly cares not for them.
9/19 c2 Readerofthethings
“ 'Nope! We just happened to be in an alternate universe that is loaded with political crap, where political correctness is the language, and any heads stuck out in defiance of the status quo, whether just or unjust in their defiant nature, are crushed or just ignored.' Cortana was not pleased”

Stones in glass houses, Cortana

Remember the innies
9/16 c19
r/ncd is leaking here
9/16 c11 1Forsoothandconquest
Please don’t forget to finish the story!
9/7 c19 11Shadowmane2001
When is the next chapter coming out?
9/6 c8 frolovkirill7
Are Jade, her joker brother and "The Seer" Homestuck reference?
I imagined Jade Harley, John Egbert and Rose Lalonde while reading.
8/29 c9 Andrew Lee Houghton
that got my attention is that halo was planned to be made but wasnt
8/28 c2 10DeafeningEcho
Order of the most powerful things in the halo universe: Chiefs luck, Precursors, flood, forerunners, ancient humanity, the endless, ancient san-shyum (last 3 in no particular order), Sergeant Johnson’s balls, the covenant, humanity,
8/27 c19 tylerofwar
i love it :P
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