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8/18/2019 c1 R. A Cross
7/16/2018 c1 Guest
Are you going to continue this story please say you were i love the concept of your story it's interesting...i always check if there's an update and its frustating not to see one pls update your story for me
3/23/2018 c1 sinegas22
update please!
4/1/2017 c1 Visually Dreamer
This look awesome!
1/26/2017 c1 14Iouko Miku
good please
12/8/2016 c1 2Kory Persephone
This is an interesting start. I hope that you stick with it.
10/19/2016 c1 12familymatters
So far i really like this story. I haven't read a gamer one in a long time.
10/9/2016 c1 Guest
I am so excited for an update! The first chapter already got me hooked!
10/5/2016 c1 Takuz
Hahaha, This fic is totally amazing and i was surprised how good you able to compliment game system into the story.

I can't find any mistake or something that seem weird and that good. Keep up the good work! See you in next chapter.

- Takuz

Hm… More than anything, i curious the name of this Mysterious "Oniichan" and how he able to influence world just like Kawahira Ojiisan
10/3/2016 c1 nakamura1miu
9/28/2016 c1 Aphidas
The idea is good. However, please clean up all those mistakes, it makes me want to cry. Otherwise, good continuation !
9/27/2016 c1 1davycrockett100

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