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7/13/2018 c24 MossGarden
I finished this fic after about three days (stayed up super late reading too :3), and wow. What a blast. This has gotta be one of my favorite SU fics of all time! All the characters were super well written, you're really talented. Rose and Pearl were adorable, although I read this for the Lapidot originally XD And what a good ending! I really hope you write some more stuff soon.
1/28/2018 c24 4Upstart Psycho
I loved this to pieces! Ah! Makes me wanna write more. Anyway, keep doin’ what you’re doin’. Wonderful story!
1/23/2018 c16 Upstart Psycho
Totally loving this so far. Tryin’ to read the whole thing in one go. Anyway, had to pop in and say that I imagine Peri has her mom’s ringtone set to Megalovania. Haha!
12/4/2017 c24 46xxBurningxx
Wow. I really don't even know where to begin. I guess I could start off by expressing how glad I am that I found this story, because my real life lately has been a train wreck and just having the energy to drag myself out of bed has been an immense challenge-but having this story to slip away into, this cute and sweet and endearing and painfully /real/ story to hop into as a means of escaping my own reality... it's been a bigger help than I thought it would be. So thank you. Thanks for sharing this piece of art with the universe.

Also like this feels hella awkward to ask/say/mention/idek but likeeeeee, I lowkey stalked ur page and saw that you have written for/enjoy a buncha things I love (I have the spiral from Life is Strange tattooed on my wrist bc I am actual garbage) and I feel like we could be friends? So like? message me maybe? (wow I am actually fucking blushing right now typing thatand I kinda feel liKE PERI)
11/27/2017 c14 CoolnessM
oh my frEAKING GOD I LOVE THIS. Especially when i get to relate to Peridot even more. other than being sm0l and gay, im also asexual and i felt like everyone hates me for that. then i read this fanfiction. holy shIT I LOVE THIS FANFICTION SO MUUUUUCCHHHHH! KEEP WRITING!
8/18/2017 c24 Moony
My wifi has been cut off forever, so I didn't get to red this for a while, but you did such an amazing job portraying everyone! I especially love the lapidot moments, but perhaps I'm being biased for my favorite ship... Anyway, you're a fabulous author and I can't wait to read the next chapter!
6/25/2017 c24 Jester of chaos
That was an amazing ending and thank you for writing this story. It's been an honor to experience it! :D
6/25/2017 c24 1Little Snuggle
This story has been a journey, and I'm sad that we're finally at our destination. I've been following this story since the beginning, 10 whole months since the first chapter. I honestly didn't even remember what the first chapter was until I read my own comments again (yes, I read my own comments. When I write a comment I like it to be something I can be proud of when I read again). This fic- no, masterpiece, began with Peridot and Lapis's text conversations over Skype. Like, what?! How in the world did we go from Lapis moving to a new school and Peridot discovering her best online friend is her new classmate, all the way to Peridot and Lapis living together, Pearl and Rose having a child, and Lapis and Jasper's relationship being finally healed? You have a way with words. Boy, I can't even begin to describe your way with words.

This story was my favorite thing in the world for those ten months. It still is, but just like the story Never Knows Best, it's over and I can't be anxiously excited for new chapters every week. That doesn't mean I won't be re-reading this story some day! I had to re-read chapter 23 when you posted this final chapter. Partly because I wanted to, mostly because I had to jog my memory before reading chapter 24, and entirely because even though I had already read it once before it was still just as exciting as it was the first time reading it.

I love, love, LOVE the way you left everything at end very open but also created a satisfying ending. It's amazing to see the characters still having their own struggles, such as Amethyst and her Garnet problem, Jasper and her recovery, and Iris still feeling a bit lonely. Although, you could've fooled me into thinking Iris and Daisy are old classmates of Peridot and Lapis, they act like teenagers. I mean, Iris stuck her tongue out at Daisy at some point! I guess writing angsty and fluffy highschoolers for 23 chapters and 123k words isn't easy to forget. Speaking of 23 chapters, you really made it feel like three years passed in real life by giving literally no dates for the timeline. I honestly had no idea it was possible to be this vague about how much friggin time has passed.

However, even though you made it purposefully indirect, you did an incredible job at keeping things consistent and easy to follow. The two biggest hints we got (that I noticed) were the two week road trip Jasper took after Lapis asked her to meet Steven, and when it was revealed that Steven is only seven months old. Wait, now that I think about it, where did I get the idea that it's been three years?

...I think I have to read this chapter again. I'm already forgetting things.

I have to pause my comment for a moment to say I just clicked a bookmark on this page and had a mini panic attack and meltdown thinking I'd lost everything I'd written so far. Thank god this website is so forgiving and saves your comments, no matter what you click, unless you close the tab.

Aaaanyway, if I had known you liked my comments/reviews so much I would've written more! I don't often write reviews, but I always like making them long to make them worthwhile and to make it sincere. I honestly kinda thought I was going a little overboard with my commenting back in the Tavern chapter, where Smokey was first introduced. I didn't want to comment TOO much and make you hate the redundancy it would boil down to. Now that I look back on it, I kinda wish I wrote more reviews, because I know I had a lot to say about every chapter. A lot to say, meaning I wanted to talk about every part that I loved and every emotion you put me through.

SPEAKING OF EMOTIONS! I said in a few of my comments that I was going to cry when you post the final chapter. I wish I was exaggerating. I wish that was a joke, but man, it's just the truth. ALSO, I just re-read my most recent comment, and, and, and... Wow. You really did make the characters reminisce while also allowing them to do their own thing. Guys, I think I won. I think I finally predicted what happens in the last chapter before it's posted. Where's my prize? Oh, wait, this is my prize... it feels bittersweet. I love it, but it hurts knowing this is the end and the characters are all growing up. I WANT THE BABIES BACK!

Maaaan, this story is so goooood! This story has brought me so much joy in the past ten months and I'm so unfathomably glad you stuck with it to the end. Your writing evolved throughout every chapter and it's amazing to witness. Or is it the story that evolved? I don't know, but either way, you made it really feel like I'm in the situations and experiencing the very same emotions the characters are going through. I hope you make a new story just as big as this one some day! I've read your other ones, so I know you've still got some good ideas stored up and you have the vigor to make something equally marvelous, or even more so.

I had so much more to say in this review, but dammit, I always forget I want to say almost as soon as I think of it. My main point is, this story has been an exciting wild ride from start to finish, and I'm so glad I'm able to be a part of it. I'm even happier that I was able to find this story the day it started. Ten whole months of anticipation as I wait for the email indicating a new update, ten whole months of sitting down to read this and soaking in every sentence and grinning at every turn. 44 weeks of predicting the next chapter and wondering what new event sort of you'll throw at us. God, it's like I'm writing this for a funeral.

Thank you so much for making this story and making me so happy.
6/23/2017 c9 Tay
don't be sorry, this chapter was long and beautiful and amazing and holy fuck am i crying oms
6/22/2017 c24 1StoppedGalaxy
Damn, it's over?
Seems like yesterday when I left my first review here in November during a long-ass bus ride...(don't question that) You've honestly come so far!
Heck, this fic was the sole reason I even discovered your other awesome stuff. You're so awesome it's unreal.
I loved how Pearl and Rose raised Steven together. I was concerned about how Steven would make an appearance here, glad it's happy with Greg as his dad!
I also like how you moved on from mostly Lapidot to mostly Pearlrose now so naturally. And yet, Lapis and Peridot never disappeared. I imagine that took some skill.
And the Diamonds? They're so happy now, and it seems they've moved on really well. (Greenie is a perfect name for a dog, fight me on that.)
The others haven't changed much, it seems. Greg is still dorky as always, Amethyst loves food more than ever, and Garnet seems to have opened up a bit, despite her mostly stoic nature. I loved your portrayal of Jasper the most though. She's moving on slowly, yet surely. I hope she can make a full recovery soon. (You're getting there, Jasper!)
Also love how you haven't forgotten about Scarlett, Sadie and Lars. Especially Scarlett. We all need to remember her after all that drama...right? Sadie and Lars were a nice touch to the welcoming atmosphere of Beach City as well.
All in all, this has been an AMAZING ride. Can't wait to see more of you, Dekka!
6/22/2017 c6 Tay
hOly smOkEs thIs Is A gOOd bOOk
6/22/2017 c24 5Skavvie
I can't believe this is over it's been such an amazing ride. Thank you for writing this
4/20/2017 c23 NekusS
Ok soo, first off I hate you... and I love you.
I discovered this fanfiction at like 22 pm yesterday and I kept reading till 5 am, and like after an hour of sleep I went to school like a zombie...
Anyway, after I got home I finally finished reading this...and damn this ff is great I found myself laughing, crying, giggling and a lot of other things all over the place, much like the characters in your story.
I can't wait to see how you will end it but thanks already for this, it was incredible.
Followed, favorited and all other things, tomorrow I'll probably check out your other stories!

P.s. Sorry if my English is weird, it isn't my native language :/
4/18/2017 c23 1Tofudash239
Hey I was wondering if you saw my post on tumblr. I love this story and hope it continues to get views.
4/16/2017 c23 Moony
I haven't had wi-fi for a while, but I caught up with all of this, and it's so so good! Ou have an amazing talent for writing, and I'm so glad you haven't canceled this fan fiction. I was worried you might because every time I read a really good fan fiction it gets canceled. I love the word choice get in this and thank you so much for writing!
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