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for Thrice Born, Brother to Steel

9/29/2016 c1 Guest
i hope harry is paired with sakura and shiro is with paired with saber
because i have read too many HP fate stay night crossovers that pair shiro up with sakura by repeating parts of the heaven feels rout or by sakura or other characters manipulating or forcing shiro into a relationship with her.
9/29/2016 c1 Guest
even with his elemental affinity and origin of sword the magecraft types/styles/spells shiro should be able to use without a having a normal elemental affinity and origin are runes, alchemy, material transmutation which is the basics, formalecraft, witchcraft, bounded fields, non-elemental magecraft, reinforcement, alteration, structural grasp mystic code and familiar creation.
well if he had a proper teacher to teach him.
pleas don't make the mistakes many fanfics do by thinking shiro can only do projection and reinforcement.
9/28/2016 c1 Gawain-Knight of the Sun
Come on lancer scathach
9/28/2016 c1 Eurospawn
Like the story. Question: Is harry the baby , because from what I'm reading Harry is around three, that's not really a baby and how much older will shirou be or will they be the same age?
9/28/2016 c1 3Reishin Amara
am i the only one that thinks harrys gonna be a pyro-sexual when he hits his teens and learns magic can be used to burn things?XD
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