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9/5/2018 c23 Bohogal1998
Love this story!
9/5/2018 c23 4Snehal Shukla
wow..I can't wait for some action anymore.
9/3/2018 c22 Snehal Shukla
thanks for an update. this story. want some fist fight and action in nxt chapter. . pls update soon
9/3/2018 c22 6hslacer
Sure wish your chapters were a little longer. This is such a great story I hate to see the chapters end. Love Gibbs and Zara.
8/16/2018 c20 4Snehal Shukla
waiting for an update
8/16/2018 c1 Snehal Shukla
Waiting for an update for an update for an update. ...pls update soon
8/9/2018 c21 Snehal Shukla
I love your all stories. waiting for update. Please update soon
8/7/2018 c21 Guest
Disappointingly short update once again..
8/8/2018 c21 6hslacer
Had to go back and read the story again. Great story. Update soon.
8/8/2018 c21 62mahc
Yes - definitely like Gibbs and Zara together. Looks like more action, angst, h/c, and romance coming up!
8/8/2018 c21 3stareagle
Interesting story, well paced, I like the chemistry between Gibbs and Zara. Keep her brave and strong, so she complements Gibbs as an equal. Thanks for the update and sharing your creativity with us.
8/7/2018 c21 17DS2010
Well at least she finally told Gibbs she didn't remember anything
8/7/2018 c21 4Snehal Shukla
can't wait for next update. ...!
8/6/2018 c20 62mahc
Good for Ziva and her instincts! I love Gibbs' worry and fear over what might happen to Zara. Biased? Yes, indeed! Sounds like he believes her, too. Eager for the next chapter. Thanks for the quick postings!
8/6/2018 c1 maddypaddy30
i love these new chapters so keep them coming please
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