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8/25/2020 c8 Shayla Maloney
Amazing work ! Truly stunning, the emotions, words, and detail you've put into this. I absolutely love it ! Especially the part where Ethan classifies the returned crown to Jessica as a "checkmate". Ethan was a total, utter badass right there. I love your work, it is absolutely amazing !
6/23/2020 c11 58TiredOfBeingNice
YIKES! if the supernatural didn't kill them, natural disasters will apparently :'))

also protective bennyyyy :((((( i love himmmm :((( i also love how he literally got injured and as soon as he woke up, he had the decency to make jokes and make ethan smile a bit – that's some good boyfriend material right there ! ethan is one lucky lucky bean !

fanfic buddy i loved this so much! im so glad everyones okay. can't wait for more ! :DD
6/20/2020 c11 23Bennyweirlover17
yes all the waiting for this chapter has finally paid off because you made me feel everything I wanted to feel the whole time I was on the edge of my seat and you surprised me for sure with all the things that happened and you definitely nailed it so well done my friend you’ve done a perfect job and I’m beyond pleased with this chapter
11/24/2019 c10 58TiredOfBeingNice
awww! i mean, not aw about the whole benny nearly killing ethan part. but AWWW IT WAS ALL GOOD IN THE END! missed my pure ethan feels, i loved this a lot a lotta fanfic bud *heart*
11/24/2019 c10 29MysticalKC
Oh wow! Those poor boys!

I love these!
11/23/2019 c10 23Bennyweirlover17
this chapter was perfect and definitely worth the wait I loved every minute of it great job it made me so emotional as well and it’s definitely a favorite of mine now
6/8/2019 c9 58TiredOfBeingNice
i couldn't BEAR to see ethan hurt, that freakin SUCKED (get it? because it's a bear? *ba dum tssss*)

but seriously, i loved the slightly wholesome parts of the story, like benny and ethan sneakin around doing...whatever it was they were doing, heh; and ross just like,, being totally oblivious and unsure lol. that's exactly what ethan's dad would do :p

but the BEAR! oh NO! i'm so glad ethan was okay, bear attacks are SCARY, even if winnie the pooh convinced me as a kid that bears are super nice :')

thank you for giving me that good good bethan content! can't wait for more, fanfic buddy v
5/24/2019 c9 23Bennyweirlover17
I love this chapter so much keep up the good work with writing this fanfiction story because so far this is my new favorite chapter it’s so good
12/26/2018 c8 58TiredOfBeingNice
ACKKK that was like, a hell load o :((

god i wanted to punch freakin jessica prescott square in the face, that was AWFUL what she said. i think i almost cried a little. GOD i hate that girl :pp

also: the thing with benny giving ethan his jacket? and when ethan freaked out in excitement over getting his first kiss ? thats ? AHHH?

my heart loves this bethan stuff so freakin much GOD you are GOOD AT MAKING ME FEEL ALL SWOONY AND LOVEY DOVEY :')) fantastic job as always, fanfic buddy! i can't wait for the next one v
12/14/2018 c8 23Bennyweirlover17
wow way to make me feel so emotional and having the feels I felt so bad for Ethan getting embarrassed by Benny's girlfriend at least everything worked out in the end I love it very much another great chapter well done
6/2/2018 c7 58TiredOfBeingNice
oml this was an emotional rollercoaster from start to end! i legit thought ethan was a goner, i nearly sobbbedddd :(((

but i love the love between benny and ethan, as always, and i loved their dynamic! they were so in love and they only had each other and when that was taken away, i could almost /feel/ the heartbreak. ughhh. so gooodddd!
6/1/2018 c7 23Bennyweirlover17
finally the new chapter's here and it was definitely worth the wait let me just start off and say I loved everything about it Benny saving Ethan he's so heroic I LOVE him so much he's so selfless and that's why he's my favorite character also I almost thought Ethan was gonna die I was so worried and almost wanting to cry when he and Benny got separated also when Benny was escaping from the train grounds it was so intense I was definitely feeling uneasy and on the edge of my seat saying in my head please let him make it out and he did thank goodness also thank god for Jane saving him in return now Ethan and Benny can live happily ever after now because Jane let them go and be free I was really feeling like a emotional wreck by the end of it so this is definitely a chapter I will want to read over and over again and since you followed with writing this closely with the actual movie scene I give you huge applause with capturing the emotions and spirit of it get it? no pun intended so kudos to you lastly spirit stallion of the cimarron is one of my favorite childhood movies so I'm grateful that you did this because combining my all time favorite cartoon horse movie with my all time favorite tv show that I'm obsessed with that is MBAV is genius and a really good mashup that works really great together anyway this new chapter is flawless and definitely my favorite so far so keep up the good work and I can't wait for the next one
9/27/2017 c6 6AttackOfTheBourgeoisie
I didn't think he died because he's not allowoed to die. Plain and simple
9/27/2017 c6 58TiredOfBeingNice

thank god he is alright though. typical benny, always looking out for his friends! and ethan, who might be more than a friend, heh ;D

this honestly would've been such a great ending for the show — you should be a writer for the show, fanfic buddy ;) i can't wait to read the next one :D
9/27/2017 c6 23Bennyweirlover17
Aww this was so emotional and adorable/cute that it made me cry with sadness and scream with happiness at the same time with having the bethan feels they're like a drug because I can't get enough of them they're so cute together that it kills me in a good way of course also I think that this is how the show should have really ended so kudos to you for making another amazing chapter that I love
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