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for Der Klang Der Stille

4/29 c3 Belliska
Hi I really like your story and the pairing!
I would guess Ergo's mutation is lightning/ electricity and maybe fire and heat resistance
Also I love the Stan Lee cameo 3
For Draco I mean Iceman would be able to stand the heat, otherwise I like Gambit a lot or Nightcrawler or maybe Havok or Colossus
1/22/2019 c2 5TinyFox2
Stan Lee cameos are to be treasured.
5/28/2017 c5 AnotherGuest
I really like this story and I'm very curious how Brotherhood people and Order of the Phoenix people will get along.
5/24/2017 c3 Taiga Hibari
I'm all for Drarry
5/24/2017 c1 Taiga Hibari
How did you come to name Harry as Ergo?
5/6/2017 c5 Larkscope
I vote for the Ergo/Pyro/Scorpion pairing. Cedric is too much of a good boy. Harry very disdainfully calls non-mutants "homo sapiens"; his tone of voice makes him sound a bit racist. And while the reader and Cedric can sympathize with how Harry ended up that way due to his childhood abuse, I think his hardline ideas would still be too much for Cedric to fully embrace long term. He'd eventually have to part with Harry once he sees him kill someone for a reason he can't agree with.

While you said Magneto wants equality, by sticking to the movie canon that doesn't quite make sense; they're terrorists. While they are different from the Nazis and Death Eaters in that they're fighting for their own survival, Magneto from canon basically espouses the same idea as the Nazis: eugenics. He just believes mutants are superior to humans instead of aryans to other humans. While they aren't the same thing, you can even liken Angel Island and turning humans into mutants to the gruesome medical experimentations done at Nazis internment camps.

Considering Magneto basically raised Harry, I think Harry would have similar beliefs that would turn Cedric off. Besides, poor, timid Scorpion sounds like he needs some lovin'. Although I imagine because of how timid he is a relationship with anyone, let alone entering a triad that already has an established couple, would take him some time.

What age is Harry in this? You went back and forth a few times on how long Harry lived on the streets, from years (early chapters) to less than a year (Erik finding Harry when he was ten), so I'm unsure just how old Harry and any of the characters are. Consider getting a beta to help keep things consistent and to check for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Anyway, you have a really good concept I haven't seen in other stories. I look forward to seeing what comes next: how they free Sirius and Pyro, how Cedric ended up getting a cell phone and knowing so much about the muggle world, if the Order and Brotherhood can really work together, what pairing you end up going with.
4/8/2017 c5 Djberneman
What if Harry trains to absorb energy on contact. Then something like a ball thrown from. Shine him would lose all momentum when it makes contact with his body. Eventually, he could even increase his reaction rate to the point that it is instantaneously activated when contact begins so something like a bullet would only move a milimeter into his body before it loses momentum. It would not be perfect but it would prevent the bullets from moving drurgher into the body to strike anything important.
4/8/2017 c5 Kain129
Keep it coming i want more
3/22/2017 c5 Gracealma
Good work.
3/22/2017 c5 2LuckyNumber1
Will Ergo ever get his boyfriend back? lol, it seems that Ergo took a long detour from wanting to save his boyfriend, it's like he put it at the back burner and forgot, with the wizarding world and scorpion, though I personally don't mind the wait and am loving the chapters, I just can't question of if Ergo's boyfriend his thinking of him and waiting for him to go break him free from the clutches of Charles the Pacifist.
3/17/2017 c4 Gracealma
Good story.
Hope the two missions succeed.
3/8/2017 c4 oneoddtodd
looking forward to reading your next chapter keep up the good work!
3/8/2017 c4 Gime'SS
thanks for the update
3/2/2017 c3 AnotherGuest
Hm, Harry's mutation. He can absorb power (heat and electricity for example) and can give of energy in form of electricity - that's what I gathered so far.
And I really like the way he talks to Draco. And well, keep the good work up!
2/28/2017 c3 SlightlyDerangedVermillion
Great chapter! I'm so happy you updated, I kinda thought this story was abandoned for a little while there, but I'm glad to know it not.

About the pairing, I'm a sucker for a good Drarry story, but it's really up to you. I'd really like it if you could give more detailed interactions between characters, this chapter felt a little rushed with how Harry's suddenly just at the Weasley's home and then so abruptly at Hogwarts. I hope that makes sense.

Anyways, over a very nice chapter and I can't wait for more!
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