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2/20/2019 c2 2Fallen99
Where are the rest of the chapters? You can't just leave the story like that are you TRYING to kill me?! This is a great plot. The characters are well written. There's a good amount of mystery to it without being fake or corny. Where are the other chapters?!
7/16/2017 c2 Guest
This fic looks very interesting! I can't wait to see the next chapter and how the story will play out, you seem to have a good grasp of the characters without exaggerating their traits very much, keep up!
1/2/2017 c2 1DelusionalGingerWolf
Can't wait till the next chapter
10/19/2016 c2 Sunflower.Braginski
10/18/2016 c2 19SwordMasterZ
update soon love supernatural hetalia stories
10/17/2016 c2 30Dogsrule
Wow... she likes Feli so he's the one who gets attacked then bit. That sounds fair. XD but good job on the chapter!
10/17/2016 c2 6Rising from the Ashes YOLT
10/11/2016 c1 AYJFIC
aww, I loved it!
10/11/2016 c1 30Dogsrule
Looks really good so far! Can't wait to see the next chapter!

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