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for Starting Life From Another Choice Than Zero

3/29 c7 You're That Ninja
Tbh, who would have guessed that such gold was hidden here. I love how you showed us the future for a moment, normaly things like that are crapy but made it work quite well. I love the writing style too; I just wish you had better avatar and summary, maybe add characters too. Ive been skiping ur story for quite sometime, only cuz it didnt look any good
2/10 c1 1Fukawari San
Yes, Rem is best girl
2/3 c20 Yuyu
This is interesting to follow. Subaru's adventures in Kararagi, meeting new people, and meeting old enemies again.
1/23 c20 13BigSmokeYeet
Why is Subaru being a pussy about return by death..? He literally fell off a cliff just for emilia so why couldn't he just say fuck you to Elsa and reset. Or just say fuck you in the bar area and reset as well. Fr tho, Subaru needs to look mentally strong.
1/4 c1 bb
I always wanted to see a fanfic of this scenario from the moment I watched it, RESPECT!
9/24/2020 c20 Guest
Imagine character being able to read each other's memories.. I wonder how Rem react if she herself killing Subaru's Multiple deaths.. so I wonder how badly Ram will react knowing She killed him in some of the Loops
9/23/2020 c18 1pokemonrot377
You must definitely include Emilias reaction towards subarus proposal to Rem and her interaction with Rem from this on
9/3/2020 c20 christopherdelarosa2002
Man, I hope you continue with this story, being honest there is potential in fact you have well adapted to the characters and your OCs needless to say, I wonder if later Rem will reveal his proposal that Subaru had before his desperation to see Emilia's reaction There are also many unknowns and Subaru, what will happen to him, will he continue to suffer? Will he have great moments? And above all, will there be a meeting? and I wish him the best author so that he continues to be inspired to get the most out of this fic UwU
9/1/2020 c20 3Cristofer25
Heck yeah! Glad you'll stick around. There aren't enough interesting RE:zero fics like yours.
I can imagine Emilia's face if Rem tells what Subaru last proposition was, the envy and the backfire... buuut that's up to you.

Looking foward for your next entry.
8/31/2020 c16 2Ekusas Leengard
just one thing. elsa employee didnt realy want the badge, he only didnt want emilia to have it... and (this part may be wrong) but wasnt elsa employee Roswall?
8/31/2020 c20 1NarutoAdmirer21
Oh wow, this is a POV I definitely wasn't expecting
So Rem and Emilia are alive!
This is going to make Subaru's escape a lot more difficult
Oooo I wonder how he'll react to seeing Ferris
I cant wait to see how this turns out (I feel like we're in for a lot of Subaru suffering)
8/30/2020 c20 HaydosMivill
Really good. I seriously enjoy this story.
8/30/2020 c19 HaydosMivill
This is really good, please continue.
8/30/2020 c20 Bobberhd
Nice update
8/30/2020 c20 Tim Ngu
Thanks for new chapter 3
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