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for A Future in the Past

9/26/2021 c43 penmage007
Great chapter! I had to back up and read a couple previous chapters to remember what was going on (yay memory). But it also meant I got to enjoy those chapters again, so yay.

Side grumble - that's one thing I dislike about sending patronus messengers. If Hermione WANTED James and Sirius to come, she would have said "Get James and Sirius if you're not already with them, and come to Molly's". I feel like I'd be extra super specific and be like "I need you, Lily, just you and no one else, to come to Molly's".
8/8/2021 c42 Jo
33333 I loved this!
8/7/2021 c42 Guest
Oh my gosh I love this story I started reading it a while ago but thought it was discontinued and then I found it again! I’m so happy to see updates I love it so much
8/4/2021 c42 8ReaderOfDramione
OK awww this is a cute chapter and can't wait for the next one tysm for updating
7/17/2021 c41 PrettyLu
Will Sirius keep what Hermione told him or will he investigate what really happened, it intrigues me ! Thanks for the update! :D
6/1/2021 c40 PrettyLu
Oh oh! I feel that the truth is coming and I don't know how they are going to take it and if that will change their future, I am so excited about this story, thanks for your update, we keep reading.
5/23/2021 c40 Leebees
Eeek, I hope Sirius gives Hermione a little time to recuperate before launching questions at her... but that’s not his style. So excited for the next chapter.
4/30/2021 c31 8Gaby4167
Very good!
4/27/2021 c39 grillfishypresschargess
Omg I am so excited for next chapter! This story is so good
4/21/2021 c39 PrettyLu
I love it, I already want to know everything that will happen and I fear that not very good things can be expected.
4/18/2021 c39 1Lfagundes
So happy because of the update!
U.u I hope that Sirius won’t be to hurt by situation...
4/12/2021 c38 PrettyLu
I've been so busy with the things in life that I can barely read these missing chapters and I was so happy with this last chapter, finally! Although I have the suspicion that Bellatrix will not totally leave her lives, and now that they are together it will be worse, impatient for the next chapter, a big hug for you to continue with this story :D.
3/20/2021 c38 Arodri
AAAHHHHH! This is so wonderful!
3/14/2021 c38 James Birdsong
Good fanfic
3/15/2021 c38 8ReaderOfDramione
awww, nice chappie, and I understand you're busy, dont worry, we all get busy from time to time
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