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for When He Cheats

10/28/2016 c7 Guest
I really like this story :)
10/27/2016 c7 TMIShips4Life
Please update soon! This story is beautifully written and I absolutely love it. You are an amazing author, and I really can't wait for the next update!
10/29/2016 c7 Norma Cenva 626
Okay. I feel like I'm missing Simon here. Maybe due to his connection with the vampires he may have some info on how to deal with the ifrit situation? At any rate I feel like Simon and Clary need some time together. The Fair Folk could be contacted for input on Brad. I know that relations aren't that good, but if they get desperate enough? Perhaps Magnus can dredge up some more memories and/or spells to help out? Would love a way to sneak some Malec in. After the Truth or Dare game? All that kissing, undressing and whatnot. And I am definitely feeling some Clace on the horizon. I'm still kinda annoyed with Jace but Clace is endgame and people have needs right? Hope it isn't too much. LOL Thanks for the shout. Keep it coming! Can't wait for your next chapter. Take care. (;
10/27/2016 c7 Shipitsohard
Okay stay with me here what if you have brad kidnappe Clary and then have the whole gang freak out so they go and look for her but it turns out that Jace finds her and he gets into it with Brad. So after Jace wins the fight him and Clary make up and they all supper happy but do not end the story please. Also I lave what your doing with the chatactor!
10/27/2016 c7 seraphinreyz
Oh my god! Brad is only using Clary... Is he going to break up with her? Plz update :)
10/25/2016 c1 Norma Cenva 626
Wow! Your story is really heating up. Three way parabatai? Telepathy? And Brad! Very interesting developments you have going on here. Freakin Jace with the Tampa chick. Figures. Grrr. I'm team Clace and all but he isn't making it easy. Anywayz...Love what you have going on here. Can't wait for your next update. Take care. (;
10/24/2016 c6 Debra Williams
Can I JUST SAY I WANT TO KICK HIS AS*************** ! GREAT Chapter I hated for it to END !
10/24/2016 c6 Shipitsohard
Love it! Other then my other suggestions you are doing grate! Just keep on writing/typing!
10/20/2016 c5 Savannah Watson
Oh my hell! I need to know what happens please please write more. I love you style of writing and I really want to read more of your stuff.
10/20/2016 c5 Guest
Plz update soon! Maybe she will say no as a joke, then say yes
10/20/2016 c5 Guest
I am going to be a mix of Clary and Isabelle for Halloween!
10/18/2016 c4 haha me
10/20/2016 c5 glitterangel1
Hopefully izzy says yes!please update:)
10/20/2016 c5 Shipitsohard
I had this Idea in mind since the beginning! And I know you said you wouldn't update if we asked but I have been a loyal follower so pretty please with a seraph blade on top
10/16/2016 c4 Regina
Sooo good i love this fic it is so amazing pls update soon!
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