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for For the love of that Steel Heart

4/6 c11 13Olaf74
*shakes his head* Unbelievable people sometimes *points to Cassandra*
9/24/2023 c11 KittenKatt1
Awesome story! Thank you for your hard work!
8/10/2023 c1 Crystal Do2
I just realized how rude, mean and bossy my last comment sounded sorry I was asking more on the line of curiosity since it’s been so long
8/10/2023 c11 Crystal Do2
Is this story going to continue or not cause it’s already been about 7 years since the last update
4/19/2023 c1 Guest
Just use potter as a last name no on s knows her in that world!
2/22/2023 c10 guest1
this is really such a cute story that I go back to reread every so often. :) Thank you for writing it _
1/28/2023 c11 sadesackfield
I'm guessing this story has been abandoned? it such a shame I was really enjoying i great writer. I hope u can finish this story. I would love to find out what happens next
10/25/2022 c11 Sabanna Lea
Did she catch the Evee
4/26/2022 c11 yochan123
wow it's so nice to see her pokemon all caring for her and working together, being the awesome pokemon they are :)

(also having pokemon that can communicate in spoken language have hands and thumbs is really helpful haha).

no competition for hariel at all over there on the romance front!
4/26/2022 c10 yochan123
gah I really really really hope you can continue this BEAUTIFUL story one day. omg I savored this like it was my favorite desert. you are such an amazing writer!

with her luck from fate she should definitely be able to help steven with rock hunting haha
hariel looks as cool as cynthia walking around with her absol and lucario!

hehehe that dream of their firstborn :D so cute
4/26/2022 c8 yochan123
honestly so often in pokemon fanfics we just have the protagonist and a random harem which is not likable, but the romance here between steven and hariel is written so well that it's become my ship now!

someone really need to deal with team rocket though. they're so annoying that i stopped watching the anime a few episodes in when half of each episode is resolving their actions.
yes lucario, travel with hariel! she gets you more and she's also a lot more mature than ash hahaha :D

aww such sweet scenes between steven and hariel

let's all travel beside each other hahaha! if Hariel gets a gible soon she'll have 4 pokemon walking with her hehe
4/26/2022 c5 yochan123
oh yay we meet steven again, so soon! hehe he reminds me of a teenage me, lol confess and run away :D i swear you wrote them so cute it's my OTP now 3 _
magic is so useful for training pokemon haha at low cost

really great battles! you write them so well!
omg can she get that lucario? kyaaaaa that would round out her team SO well. steel/fighting type. then she just really needs a ground and dragon type like a garchomp lol perfect league worthy team
her pokemon are lucky she's rich hahaha. getting that royal treatment
4/26/2022 c3 yochan123
haha i LOVE this. fate is probably laughing at her hohoho

luxray is a great pokemon too. i feel like she's getting her padfoot fix from them hehe. so fluffy. ah her team is coming along great. having a future charizard is super helpful since it's the only one out of them that can fly, even though i've also a fondness for swampert and blaziken haha but charizard was in my pokemon xy team as well!
i love that you gave her a really well balanced team. like not to be a snob but i really can't stomach reading about a protagonist traveling with a team of say zubat and oddish and trying to become champion...
(a gyardos would probably be best typing wise, but a milotic is sooooo beautiful!)

and yay we get our future gardevoir
kirila only needs to learn moonblast to be the monster gardevoir i used in a few of my games hahaha. magical leaf is like the go to for all water pokemon removing the need for grass XD

ooh yes a water type rounds out her team pretty well, though i think lastly she needs a ground / steel type cuz earthquake is the move i used THE most in pokemon sun/moon, ooh and a dragon! we must always have a dragon!

it looks like soon her team will be one of elegance and power once they all evolve hehe with a milotic and gardevoir (winning them contests yo lol) charizard
4/26/2022 c2 yochan123
oh hey in my pokemon xy game i used a gardevoir and absol as part of my main team too! :D they're great pokemon with good moveset and typings
awww they're so cute. steven is also like phew i'm not breaking any laws for having a crush lol

If anything, at least she was much more prepared this time around than when she was running blind trying to defeat Voldemort.
yup and that was all thanks to no good dumblemort

yes how can they just let 10 yos face ferocious pokemon like dis . but oh i hope they don't get too hurt and only get "knocked out" like the anime cuz animal cruelty...

i really hope pokemon would know to dodge automatically if they can haha

ya know i wondered about human eating pokemon too cuz like in the games they would serve things like slowpoke tails and like...but you might have slowpoke as a pokemon T_T it just seems cruel.

too bad steven is too busy to travel with her haha
4/26/2022 c1 yochan123
oooh great premise and first chapter! i felt bad in canon cuz i feel like harry wouldn't want to be an auror after fighting so long since his lack of a childhood.

absol is a great first partner pokemon :D too bad she didn't find a mega stone for absol...T_T but hey fate is nice to give her all those guides for her new adventure!

i can already tell I'll love this fic but alas breaking my heart when it's not continued T_T
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