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1/29/2018 c14 A Fanly Fan
So, I found this yesterday and have read of much of it as I could in that time and YOU LEFT IT HERE SINCE LAST YEAR! I pretty much can safely assume that all of your other fans are as angry as I am becaUSE JUST I NeeD tO kNOw WhAT hAPpeNS!
You have had months! By now you surely must have written something? Even if its a smol chapter I am a dedicated fan (since yesterday) and must HAVE MORE!
You are an amazing writer, I could never do something like this myself. It just must be continued!
8/22/2017 c13 Rekoj
Another brilliant chapter ! I'm so proud that I managed to pick up more then half of the forshadowings and easter eggs, its so amazing that you worked them all in. I never really comment on these but you are definitely have the best fanfics for HarleyJoker and just OMG I wish this was a TV show all ready !
7/31/2017 c12 The Goddess of Eternal Spring
Guesss who's baaaaack! Sorry I didn't reviewed this before, I was busy.

I absolutely love this chapter, they finally kiss! YAAAAAAAYYY! I'm soooo happy

The chapter was perfect, as always, I really can't wait for the next chapter. I really feel bad for Harley, all the things she's been through :'( poor girl... (of course, that's not an excuse to kill people...)

I don't really know how to describe it, I'm amazed. The kiss scene was just perfect, don't worry.

Send you so much love,

Att. The Goddess of Eternal Spring
6/29/2017 c12 7phiazombie
I think this was your best chapter yet! Don't beat yourself up over your writing! You have talent! Kiss scenes aren't easy but it takes lots of odd practice. I love that someone is doing something Gotham related and I really like your take on their romance. Very different. If you ever want to fangirl about Gotham or talk about writing, pm me! Keep it up!
6/22/2017 c1 Guest
Where can I watch the videos?
6/22/2017 c1 Guest
Where can I watch the videos?
5/24/2017 c11 franchessybee
Cat, can you send me the link of the Joker/Harley MV? I'd be interested to see their 'chemistry' for myself. Thank you!
5/1/2017 c10 PositivelyWicked
Please continue soon, I love this story!
3/13/2017 c8 4Ange1ofD3m0ns
Isn't this the same chapter as chapter 4 if I lay really tight?
3/2/2017 c5 Nayana
OMG! I love how you made Harley a meta-human (I wish they did that in the movies(or the series for that matter)). I just can't read quick enough, I want to know her powers immediately.
2/14/2017 c6 The Goddess of Eternal Spring
Oh, goshh!

First of all: AMAZING CHAPTER! like always :)

It start in such a funny and (kind of) sweet. I imagined Jerome walking ever so happy and it was cute (considering that he's no morning person... and cause, well, anything Jerome do is cute for me) and when he smash that nurse's head into the wall and continue like nothing happened, HA! I just couldn't help but laugh and let an 'aw' slip out of my mouth. He's such a lovely guy, isn't he?

I just loved the whole chapter, really, really 3

Con-gra-tu-lations, honey! You've been way too busy and for way TOO GOOD reasons! I forgive you for be late, of course I do. Those reasons could excuse you for half a year. Are you a youtuber, or vlogger or something? I didn't understand that part.

Oh, my questions for Cory are: Why I love him so much? It is very important if he answer that for me. Aannnd, how much of him we will see this season. And what does he knows about our favorite ginger's scenes in this season. And please tell him I think he's a very good actor and I love him *sigh*

Oh! Andsomething about Harley! Ask him something about Harley! ('cause, I guess he knows something)

Ohhhh I think Elle Fanning would be a PERR-FECT Harley Quinn *harley-like squeaks*

Can't wait for the next chapter (this time I really going to di- oh, wait, Goddess are not supposed to die... forget it! Just update)

Lots of kisses, have a happy Valentines Day (I gad to work and don't have a boyfriend anyway :'/)

Att. The Goddess of Eternal Spring

P.s: by the way... I've got some grape soda on ice and a bearskin rug wa- nahh, just kidding, I was going to say: I felt like blushing when you noticed me. Like, thank, I really blushed /w/

P.s 2: and... call me stupid, but I just realized now... that the titles... were the letter of the song... us that, eh, I always forget to read the titles. He, he...
12/10/2016 c5 The Goddess of Eternal Spring
Oh my goshhhh, I thought you wouldn't update in a long, long time (or maybe never), but you did! I'm so excited, I just love the plot (even though, it barely start)

I mean, Harley have powers? Hell, I NEED to know which ones.

Ohhhhh, and Jerome's dreams and thoughts... so cute... as cute as Jerome can be, clearly.

Need to know Dr. Strange's plans/experiment.

Gee, I need you to update soon. Your story do catch me, please update or I'm gonna die (ok, not die, but get a little sad)

Well, it seems like I need a lot of things,


Att. The Goddess of Eternal Spring
11/20/2016 c4 The Goddess of Eternal Spring
Omg please, please, please, please, please, update. This. Was. Awesome. I love it, everything. Please update
11/10/2016 c4 Guest
Love this
And now 'joker' is the one obsessed with harley and shes dangerous in her own right without him
The two most dangerous inmates in arkham
Cant wait for the chaos theyll bring and how jerome will manage to woo harley and how shes toying with him
Also the "puddin" by jerome cracks me up
Im curious to see how their dynamic will be with this
Excitedlly awaiting where this goes

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