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3/29 c13 Guest
BEST STORY ! Omggg you are a good writer ! The details and everything omg I loved it ! I’m lost for words!
12/21/2017 c6 3GodCan'tSaveTheQueen
Okay spoiler alert so don't read this unless you've read chapter six

I'm on the part where they find Speedys body and the note and I just reliezed the masked guy is giving clues on who its gonna kill next. The arrow thing: After Speedy died. Now theres a note about water or a pool. Which superhero has to do with water? AQUALAD! Anyway I love this story and its great!
12/26/2016 c13 argent82
Love the ending! Robin and Raven moments at the end were so sweet! Yes, please do a Bunny Raven fic, actually anything involving RobRae I would love to read from you. I'm not too big on RedX and Rae, AqualadRae, or SpeedyRaven but when they're written write, I love it and you write them right :) can't wait to read your next story!
12/19/2016 c13 Lilac Shimmer
I don't care that it took a month. What matters is that you finished this. I mean, ideally, you want consistent updates as a reader, but there's nothing that sucks more (okay, there probably is, but I'm not thinking of anything else at the moment) than an entertaining story that never gets finished.

Ending it after the last chapter would've worked, but I like this nice little epilogue.
I really enjoy it when all of what I consider the Titans (West, East, and KF) are featured. More characters can make for a lot of different scenarios. Although with Mas y Menos, I feel like they get in the way a bit because they're younger than the others and kinda ruin the fun, teenagery vibe a bit.

A RaeX story sounds good. My only request for that is to make sure Robin is with someone.

If you're taking requests, I'm almost tempted to ask you write a cracky Starfire/harem type story. haha Or at least a little drabble series of one-shots of Star with Aqualad/Speedy/Wally/Beast Boy and you can even throw in a little Red X and Raven too or whoever.
I just want Starfire to get some love in a non-RobStar story, damnit! :D
11/18/2016 c12 Zwaggerine
Phew..! It's out at last. Honestly, I thought u would just give up on the story Bu then I knew you wouldn't. Pretty cocky huh? Actually I'm a bit weirdo but anyway They Kissed and I was relieved. Seriously I've been waiting for that moment for like a couple of weeks. Cheesy thing! But I loved it. Aww...Jason had to ruin it. Well I was expecting a little of Jason/Rae(or whatever this ship is called) in just for a little touch but you know you don't always get all the good things at once :P. This is not as long as all other of my reviews but I just want you to know that I absolutely love your fics. Well I'm kind of sick right now so I'm not allowed to use the gadgets but I had to read this one and I'm actually glad I did. Alrighto gotta go now. Hope you'll be back with another of your amazing works. Your little fangirl here who I lazy AF! LOL
11/17/2016 c12 Lilac Shimmer
Yay, you worked in Star/Wally. That's why I love ya. You're willing to take our misplaced rants/suggestions and incorporate them if you can fit it in the story legitimately.

:-( at Terra really being dead though. Slade really is the worst. And he just has to keep proving it over and over.

The explanation for the AU events just makes so much sense.
God, I love how chivalrous Robin is. He just has a need to play white knight even if it's not all that necessary.
They're so good for each other. He can help her explore her emotions and she can keep him from being too obsessive and intense.
Smokin kiss. So, of course it had to be interrupted. ;)

Bwahaha; Red X just showing up in Robin's window like he owns the place. I love a cocky, cooler-than-you Red X characterization. It just works for the bad boy/anti-hero types.
I'm ridiculously into Jason being Red X. I think it's because it just has so much potential to cause chaos between the members of the Bat Clan. Totally understand him not wanting Bruce to find out about it though. You gotta have a bit of a death wish to want to risk pissing off Batman. LOL
11/7/2016 c11 Lilac Shimmer
I'm glad Star got rid of BB too. I think that if you're gonna be an evil murderer, then take it to the max and add double crossing to the list of crimes too. She had the power there. At least for a few minutes.

Heh, Jason would enjoy a chick fight, even while tied up and in danger.
Awww, and he got to play hero too. Yay! I particularly appreciated that he fired some insurance shots. One of my pet peeves is when the heroes don't make absolute sure the bad guys are totally dunzo.

Raven has always been so self-sacrificing. :( It happened for a reason.
Besides, she's not really dead. And if she is, this story is dead to me! :P
11/7/2016 c10 argent82
Eeee can't wait to know what Starfire's and Beast Boy's reason to off everyone. Great work :)
11/4/2016 c10 Zwaggerine
OMFG! I was totally blown out with shock. I mean BB and Star fire? Oh Man! Well I had thought it to be KF but this was really surprising.
I can imagine as to why you chose them. BB was depressed because of Terra's death and maybe that's what led him to kill his own friends. As for Star fire, I really don't know about her. Maybe she just joined him after Robin so-called 'Ditched' her or she was there from first with BB. These are only my guesses as we have to wait for the next chapter to find it out.
Poor Jinx! I guess she was the one to be most cruelly killed. I already knew she was the next in list as you focused more on her in this chapter. And after that Bathroom scenario, it was obvious. I felt bad for her death but still life(story) goes on.
Next, my most favorite part of this chapter, that moment between our Birds. SO CUTE! I was smiling the entire time I read that paragraph. I could clearly picture the scene in front of my eyes. Just one time I wished I was Raven here ;P. I was so jealous of her. Anyway RobRae forever hehe!
You really are good at writing this stuff. I get into it when you write these tender moments. Keep up the good work!
Looking forward to next chapter. I really wanted to review each chapter but I couldn't so I just put in long reviews to make up for it.
Anyway I hope you'll update soon. Just keep a notice of your little fan girl here(yeah, I'm 13). Love you!10-4
11/1/2016 c10 Lilac Shimmer
Woah, BB? Really?
My BB guess wasn't really a joke or even a guess. I just threw it out there in a jokey manner cause he's my least fave main titan, so of course he'd be my cliche preference, ya know?

Starfire doesn't surprise me. I actually almost laid down the idea that I thought Starfire was working with KF. But then I thought, no, that would be too easy. Which is why I went totally cracky with the Batman thing.

But, Beast Boy being one of the killers totally blindsided me.

Now I just wonder if anyone else is involved. Are they just a duo, or not?
10/30/2016 c9 Lilac Shimmer
Ah, waiting till the 11th hour to finish up school work. I remember those days. lol
Oh Wally, could you be more suspicious? I almost want him to be the killer because of how blatantly suspicious he's been. Anvilicious stuff like that amuses me sometimes.
Totally appreciated his flirting with Star. ;)

Yeah, I think the dot in my name is the problem actually. It probably thinks you're trying to put a link.

The killer is Beast Boy! just kidding;
It's Bruce and Batman (they're 2 separate people in this world :P ).
10/29/2016 c1 MEEE
10/29/2016 c8 Zwaggerine
Hey, Zwaggy here. I was too lazy to login so I didn't . I really loved this chapter. It was almost the way I expected it to be. I was looking forward to this chapter because of the moment the twosome had in the last chapter. Also I liked how u portrayed the other side of Raven, the singing thing. That was pretty clever of u to use that song. It perfectly describes one's feeling. But I hope u were going to have something like 'Mercy' by Shawn Mendes, but anyway it was a great choice. That was the song I heard over and over again while reading this! Poor Robin, he has to go through all of this once again. But I'm glad that Raven is there to comfort him. And finally, my baby Jason makes another appearance :p. I thought you had thrown him out of the story. Now that he comes in once more, this makes him the most probable in the line. I hope u won't kill him anytime soon. Also I really feel bad for Starfire. She seemed so depressed by the thought of Robin loving someone else. Currently the situation is like they both are rediscovering their feelings for each other amidst of a terrific run for their lives, which is kinda tough. Anyway I've already spoke too much. Really getting curious as to who this cold-hearted freak is. Waiting for the next chapter. Happy Halloween in advance! 10-4
10/28/2016 c8 Lilac Shimmer
You gotta feel bad for Starfire. Just a few days prior, she had a Robin that was probably crazy about her. But, this alternate Robin is totally into someone else. Must feel a little whiplashy.
At least she figured it out on her own. I like when Star is portrayed as perceptive esp. about feelings. She's a little naive, but definitely not stupid.

Haha, I love how you got all meta for a bit there. :D

Man, the universe really has it in for poor Robin. He's had to deal with his parents' deaths twice now. :(
10/26/2016 c7 runner
Guess Robin will need a new phone. Raven is lucky to have escaped but something seems...amiss. Guess they'll just have to watch out for the killer's next move. And I think it would be nice if we get to see Jason again.
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