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for Little One

9/18 c1 pop pup
i absolutely love this story, please update it, you might not care what in saying but this is just so good
9/9 c19 LittleCrybaby13
aww nooo. i'm sad this is the last chapter
8/26 c19 hella.knights
I adore this and really hope that it continues!
8/25 c19 Safira
Please continue your story is amazing
8/20 c19 1lilgarcia999999
Sir, I don’t appreciate this. Last update 2017?
:((((((( I really like this book
8/18 c12 Panther
I love how Optimus' reaction bit at the end. It's just... beautiful. Good job, you!

I tend to reread this story a lot. I know sometimes stories get away from us, so I'm not disappointed or mad, though I like to imagine what the remaining bots' reactions would've been. Prowl for sure would've crashed. lol.

Hope you're doing well. Cheers!
8/8 c18 6lilyoftheval5
Rereading this again... Such joy.
8/3 c19 1LadyFlonne714
Omg! I love this! I honestly can't wait until Bumblebee meets Strike! That'll be so cute!
7/2 c6 Bb34
This is interesting.
6/30 c19 Guest
I love this
6/20 c1 WinterTigerEclipse
Please please continue wonders if harry be enought to caused the end to the war wonders if that was primus plan all along why elsed to take a human with a animagus form as a sparkling and put him where the bots could find him wonders how the cons going to react to the twins having a bond with a seekerling and what chaos is going to be caused
6/7 c19 undertaker15
When are you continuing this because it is very good and I can't wait to see what happens next.
6/6 c19 1ShadowThief126
This is an amazing story. I hope you continue it soon! I can’t wait to read the reaction of the other mechs to meeting shadowstrike.
5/25 c19 melissacarpenter19997
Love the book please keep updating
5/8 c19 3Foxy-Floof
This is precious and fluffy. I loved it, and would love to see it finished.

But even this much is incredibly satisfying.
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