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for Red Hood meets Marvel

10/13 c14 MIsyerH654
please more Xd
9/5 c10 Guest
Love the story except with the kids. Just n awful way to force a plot and for the mc in general. He shouldn’t be really telling anyone anything... dude literally got displaced into a different reality. Story has potential but the author dropped it so idk if I will bother reading the rest. Hope it does end up getting finished but I highly doubt it since 99% of authors drop their work
8/18 c14 TabbyCat372
Pleeeeeaaaaase update! It’s sooo good! I love Tony’s and Jason’s interaction! Probably my favorite Avengers/Batman crossover!
7/22 c14 Guest
Cool fic!
5/17 c14 Kiyyi
Me encanta
3/28 c14 Starsglisten1234
Ok I don't know if this will be continued, but I just want to complement you on this accomplishment of a fic! I'm completely invested in the story. Hopefully you may come back to it one day! But in the meantime I'll be checking out your other stories! Great chapter.
3/28 c14 Guest
3/2 c14 MoonlitAlpha
Do you know what would be hilarious? Jason taking a newly powered Peter Parker under his wing and then having a breakdown that he pulled a "Bruce".
2/13 c8 Guest
I hate all the ‘selling to kids, I promised to dad’ shit, it is so boring after a while
2/12 c2 Guest
I’m getting Alabama vibes
1/18 c14 Noneofit
I accept this offering.
1/17 c14 Guest
Please update, this is such an interesting story!
11/12/2020 c14 7Snaileer
This absolutely wonderful! Thank you for writing it and I hope you continue to update!
9/26/2020 c14 Guest
Moreeeeeeeeeeee please
9/26/2020 c8 Guest
In love with this story so far but I’m more than half finished :/ why you do this
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