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6/6 c22 Fick Chick
I think Harry revealed too much of the prophecy. I don't think Voldy knew, "and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not..."
6/4 c8 Fick Chick
How did Ollivander recognize Sirius when Harry had glamoured him? Also, how come no one's worried about underage magic, especially since Harry had been tried for it the previous summet?
5/25 c2 JAB15
Great chapter and characterizations though when you have some free time it would be a good idea to fix the overuse of exclamation marks near the end when Harry and Susan are talking.
5/4 c1 2MoonlightReader6661
To the last guest comment- there is a difference between a patronus and a corporeal patronus. While many magicals can cast a regular patronus, a corporeal patronus is much more defined, solid and basically much more powerful.
4/20 c1 Marcus
Her aunt told her that only a few wizards alive could cast a true corporeal patronus... where did you come up with that? I mean every character in the books can cast a patronus, like every single one of them. I don't get why so many people insist on adding that to their story.
4/9 c34 hawksma
I enjoyed your story very much.
3/20 c34 FotoDi
Nice story arc. Good ending.
You were kinder to the Weasley
contingent than most! A quiescent
Molly Weasley... could happen
1/31 c34 plumbknot57
Great story don't have the words so great story
1/30 c34 61Stormshadow13
Amazing story. Great read, love the pairing.
1/25 c34 SiriusOrionBitch
Absolutely fantastic, thank you so much for this it was brilliant. Take care,

1/15 c34 1Eagle-Eyes
Terrific story...

Keep writing as life allows
1/10 c34 2Specky Clarke
A really great enjoyable story, but your English language needs much improvement.
1/9 c27 Specky Clarke
That's what happens when you leave an enemy behind you alive. They come back and hit you harder. Very good story.
12/24/2020 c10 ernie
The tower, with the clock, in London is called "Big Ben". And redheads do not tan, they are either red (sunburn) or very white; always!
11/28/2020 c34 1DrBigsKimble
I really enjoyed this story. It was well written and well edited for the most part. I only have two minor critiques. The first is that the changes you made to canon didn’t feel like they made a large enough ripple to change future events. Secondly, the last three chapters felt rushed. Based on the length of time that you’ve been working on this story it just feels like you decided enough was enough and you wanted to get it over with. That being said your characters are well written, you relationship progressions feel natural, and overall you did a wonderful job of stringing together your narrative. Good work! I’m looking forward to what you come up with in the future.
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