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for Survivor: South Park

6/3/2023 c1 Fankus
Brutal, scary really shocking. I guess it was a good writing, but I never wanna read something like that. Very M because of how horrific it was. A lot of tension, great atmosphere, please don't write anything like I will have nightmares. Love seeing Tweek getting not only in top 3, but on a second place. After all Tweek was with Craig. Great. I'm sorry for Henrietta
2/10/2020 c17 3Une.Autrice.Qui.A.Demenager
Ok. It was a very intense story. There was joy, pain, shock, sex but nothing that could have been boredom. It's a shame that Tweek didn't win because he really deserved it. Frikle and Tweek were the weak links in their team but in the end, the blonde learned lessons.

How to say that this story was great? How to say that this story deserves to exist in real time?

I'm not even talking about the end ... you deserve to work on TV series. Your chapters were fucking incredible. Almost 70,000 for only ... 17 chapter. And honestly, I need to take popcorn the next time I read this kind of story ... it's like watching a TV program.

Now I still want to talk about your story ... but badly, there are things to fix.

First you should change the rating from M to T because apart from a few clues, there was not ONLY ONCE a real sex scene. Tweek was giving his ass, yes, but I'm disappointed with that. There were no moans, no penetration phrase or even the fact that Craig jumped on Tweek because he wanted to take it. Nothing.

And Kenny ... Kenny was a whore to me. He was jumping on Butter and Pete, he had tried to fuck Craig ... Damn what, even that was no excuse to put your story in M.

Tweek just give her ass and suck cock. Small.
And Kenny sucked cock and got his cock sucked. No.

When Kyle, Cartman and Stan, I don't even talk about it, he was only secondary characters for me. I am disappointed to have seen the Goths the most before the (not too sexual) relationship of Tweek and Craig.

Even the orgy ... it was a pain. You should have put more details like: Tweek inserts his cock into Craig, then Kenny comes to see the 2 lovers and inserts his cock into Tweek's mouth and Pete inserts his cock into Kenny's ass. Things like that what.

Now just think about these details the next time you write about South Park when you would do Creek please. It was beautiful and it deserved a 100/50 but because of the fact that there was not a single TRUE sex scene, there is no point ...

This story is, damn goddamn brothel whore, great.

(PS : i hole you understand what i said because im not engliqh)

Kiss and Higs for you
2/10/2020 c16 Une.Autrice.Qui.A.Demenager
(Tribute paragraph) I swear that if people have the balls to do this story in real tans, I would do anything for a hot Creek scene. I liked Tweek's phrase for Craig "daddy." I think Tweek wanted to use the boys on his side at first, and then he fell in love with Craig, staying true to him ...
(Reads Pete's question and replaces Tweek) AH! IN YOUR ASS ASSHOLE Tweek is for Craig.
2/10/2020 c15 Une.Autrice.Qui.A.Demenager
1st paragraph ... it is so well summed up (end of the chapter and realizes that Tweek remains in the adventure. Spaz Sun vs 2 Goth ... tell you about pressure ...)
2/10/2020 c14 Une.Autrice.Qui.A.Demenager
(choqué) Pete x Tweek ?! Fuck you... (fin du chapitre) Best Death Ever
2/10/2020 c13 Une.Autrice.Qui.A.Demenager
And another sexual moment not complete. It's good because it's a super funny story that I keep reading ... (end of chapter) My heart ... just died ... No more Creek Sex moment so ... I ... NOOOOOO CRAIG !
2/10/2020 c12 Une.Autrice.Qui.A.Demenager
The mini sexual passages of Tweek x Craig are not enough ... I have a big smile on my lips when I read that Tweek has won (read Kenny's vote) you are a whore, Kenny. You fuck everything that moves and that's why nobody likes you.
2/10/2020 c11 Une.Autrice.Qui.A.Demenager
CHEF (Read below) Yeas. A Craig x Tweek passage ... (still reading without satisfaction.) Are You Fucking SRL ? (end of chapter) McWhoreDick is aptly named ...
2/10/2020 c10 Une.Autrice.Qui.A.Demenager
(start) WTF. Randy what's wrong with you?
2/10/2020 c9 Une.Autrice.Qui.A.Demenager
Author, this is great for Barbara. There young blonde can not get pregnant in less than 2 days and then give birth a few hours. Don't Fuck The Logic Please. ️

Kenny. Ahahaha. Damn shit.
2/10/2020 c8 Une.Autrice.Qui.A.Demenager
The good thing when the yellow and blue tribes are separated is that Tweek and Craig are easily recognizable in their clan by their colors. (Bottom) it's rape. Fucking towel. And I thought the fanfic was in M because it was Tweek x Craig sex. REFUND ! (Reads the note from you.) Fuck. Poor Tweek whore ...
2/10/2020 c7 Une.Autrice.Qui.A.Demenager
Kenny's dead are so funny. Trey Parker and Math Stone should follow your example. Awww pity that the fight on the water did not continue. He was missing Craig vs Tweek. It's a shame because there was only one moment between them and it was not love ...
2/10/2020 c6 Une.Autrice.Qui.A.Demenager
There are 6th in this story, there are disabled too, there are crab men ... now I wonder who will be the next reference, would it be strippers?
(Reads Towelie's passage) WT Hell ?
2/10/2020 c5 Une.Autrice.Qui.A.Demenager
I scream loudly in my room. I'm glad Henrietta didn't leave. In your ass Cartman.
2/10/2020 c4 Une.Autrice.Qui.A.Demenager
I liked the moment when the towel fell in the water with its usual phrase. So laughs at that.
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