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4/20 c35 LAB1
This story was quite enjoyable to read. I love that you had Mrs. Blythe being a herbal medical woman. My ancestors practiced that art too, but were tried as witches for their efforts when a "real medical doctor" moved in and tried to take over. She won though. The only case I know of where the woman not only won, but counter sued her oppressor and he had to pay her legal fees. I imagine she was much better at healing then the drs who were bleeding people and such nonsense. I'm trying to learn myself as the art was not passed down through my line.
10/10/2021 c33 Jennifer Weed
I’m confused. If Martin couldn’t read, then how did he write that letter for Marilla a few chapters back?
9/9/2021 c30 Denie1943
This was hard to read. Can I depend on you to pull this out of the muck!
9/8/2021 c25 Denie1943
Since I already reviewed the next chapter, I came back here to just say fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Stay well!
5/26/2021 c35 BirdieKitKat
I can't thank you enough for this gem of a story. Reading it has been such fun. LMM herself didn't like writing about Anne as she aged for the same reason your young friend complained about her. But I do think the changes in Anne as she gets older are ones most free spirits for through as society pressures them into a supposedly more civilized mold...that many break from later into adulthood as confidence grows back. It was a joy to read about an unbridled Anne who was so unapologetically and committedly herself.
5/26/2021 c34 BirdieKitKat
Dora is just wonderful in this iteration. There's a sweetness and shyness there that I appreciate. I don't think she was truly as full as LMM made her out to be...just largely desperate for live, stability and home. And overshadowed by her rambunctious, attention-stealing (and starved) brother.
5/26/2021 c33 BirdieKitKat
I should have paused to review before this but I just can't stop reading! I cried when all the ladies came to visit Marilla with their moving stories. I adore Mrs. Lynde being in on the sabbat celebrations. And I cared about knowing about the potato crop! So thanks for the info. :)
5/25/2021 c15 BirdieKitKat
This version of Mrs. Blythe is just something. The indigenous herbalist who is pro-choice and the town wise woman. Ooh! Marvelous take.
5/25/2021 c13 BirdieKitKat
I LOVE all your delightful historical tidbits. Thank you for working them in and explaining them. They add such fun to the story! And I can't stop reading this. It is such a charming, original, fanciful piece. Thank you thank you thank you! My soul just feels so alive reading it.
5/25/2021 c4 BirdieKitKat
Oh my goodness gracious this is heaven to read. I feel like I have rediscovered a treasure trove of Anne flights o' fancy and am reliving my own childhood. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
1/9/2021 c14 Guest
This chapter is amazing!
1/9/2021 c11 Guest
Of course Anne loves Octobers because the world has decided to be red headed. I love your way with words
1/9/2021 c8 Guest
Haha her hair caught in the slate!
1/9/2021 c6 Guest
This is one of my favorite chapters for this story. I love it when you say a Blythe is a Blythe. These two are still figuring each other out. Love gil in his overall oohh odour of sweaty boy :)
1/9/2021 c5 Guest
I always wonder if Gilbert is asking Anne to help teach him about cooking as just an excuse to spend more time with him
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