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4/9/2017 c29 2Kim Blythe
There are so many unsaid things, words, feelings, here in this chapter that I almost feel as lost as everyone...

Diana his going to Queens...

Gilbert his going to Redmond...

Marilla cut off Martin from seeing her...

Anne will not be writing her column...

Can you make me and them feel not as lost as we feel right now, anymore at the end of this story ?!
4/8/2017 c29 13CallmeCordelia1
Such a heartbreaking chapter, but beautifully written as always!
4/7/2017 c29 2caprubia
Only two chapters left? I feel like there's so much before it'll sort itself out again.
4/7/2017 c29 5LizzyEastwood
Oh you are breaking my heart here! I am a puddle on the floor! It's just all falling apart! My heart breaks for everyone here... poor Gilbert... poor Anne...poor Marilla...poor Martin... this was a very painful chapter.
What made it so heart wrenching was the opportunities you dangled for them. Gilbert gets Redmond, but he could lose Anne. Anne gets this great opportunity she can't take because of Marilla. It's all so much! I don't know how it can all be resolved. Or are you planning a somewhat sad ending? I can't imagine, but I trust your writing. I am just too emotionally invested!
4/7/2017 c29 18Alinyaalethia
This was raw and painful but so well written. I want to weep over all the hurts and unfairnesses heaped on Anne here. Why is it that it never rains but it pours? And yet it feels so right -of course the only way to fix Marilla's headaches will cost her her eyesight, and Anne must leave her if she wants to realise her dream...but doesn't it hurt. Sometimes nothing hurts so much as getting the thing you want, and that comes across clearly here. It was good to see Diana caring for her and Martin fighting his way back into Green Gables life. But the end was hardest of all. An Anne who stifles her dreams should be unimaginable, and yet you've made me be,Ives this if her completely. I only hope we get to see her claw her way back to dreams and imagination too.
4/7/2017 c29 7wishwars
Oh man, this was so sad! Beautifully written, but not the exactly the best way to start the day. Poor Anne :( I hope we get more of the story soon! I'd like to ache a little less.
4/7/2017 c29 8Catiegirl
I loved this, the unspoken words are almost a cry here, those from Gilbert and from Anne. I felt a little shiver at Gilbert thinking about his fathers unspoken rage- I can't imagine a John Blythe so affected, however it must almost feel like a double betrayal here, from both wife and unsuspectingly from his son. I did appreciate seeing how much Anne matters to him, the desperation he is hanging on with. Seeing Anne and Gilbert's interactions in this chapter, those of a lover and also of a friend- I loved seeing how seamlessly they move through both. I loved that she could be terse when she felt uncomfortable and that he could handle it without overreacting, that kind of understanding that is beyond smaller misunderstandings somehow. I felt a twinge at him knowing she was thinking of her past- I could only think how glad I was that he knew.

My heart just about broke for Anne, thinking about Marilla here. It just isn't fair- this is an Anne who feared a loss the canon Anne didn't need to survive. I suppose it's all part of this universe- the closeness the trauma builds between herself and Gil is the yin to the yang of this pain. I wondered a little about Anne's reaction in the last chapter about her dreams getting smaller, it had sounded as if she felt that keenly- and here it is, full blown. The poor, darling girl. And while it hurt that Gilbert wasn't there for her, that no one was- I believe it's just as you said at the end, it's herself she's looking for here. I'm counting down the chapters, and believing the answers are coming...
4/7/2017 c29 7Formerly known as J
Oh, kwaky, there were so many bombshells here, I barely know where to start! That first paragraph had my head spinning, and for a moment I thought, "What, Gilbert is leaving Anne? How can that be?" and then I realised it's because he's going to Redmond, not LEAVING her, leaving her. So, no wonder he's kissing her toes, and then her mouth in such ways that will ensure an end to conversation, wanting to tell her while hoping that she will find a way to come with him. I was particularly taken with Anne reading Virgil while he admires her feet. Only Anne could remain absorbed by the Georgics while Gilbert Blythe is drying off in his underwear right in front of her and doing all that. Phwoar! My favourite part of that little exchange was when Anne wound up sitting on his stomach and he was holding her too tightly, all she had to say was "let go" and he had his arms spread wide immediately. God, I love that boy. But then him holding Anne's hand, automatically naming all the bones in his mind, and looking for reassurance from her that they are unbreakable. Argh! Maybe that was my favourite part of that gorgeous scene...

I can't imagine what easy-going John Blythe in a silent fury for a week is like for Gilbert - or Rowena. Or what is going to happen when Gilbert actually tells Anne he's going to Redmond. No wonder he wishes he had told her when he had the chance.

Di bringing the chocolate cake to tell Anne that she's going to Queen's and then hearing the whole sad tale of what happened in Charlottetown. After marching off so hopefully together, that tragic news about Marilla's eyes, and Anne's encounter at the Echo was devastating. But then it was Martin's anguish that pulled at my heartstrings, and his unexpected passion rendering Anne speechless. I loved him talking to Anne like that, poor man.

But that scene at the end with Anne crying "Where are you" was just incredible. A world where Anne's feeling punished by her vengeful god and her dreams have shrunk so small she can't even see them anymore is just unthinkable. So, I truly hope you're going to answer Anne's questions soon, because I'd like to know, too - where is Gilbert? And Rowena?
The killer: "They don't want me - they don't want me - oh, Diana, they don't want me..."
4/7/2017 c1 4OriginalMcFishie
Wow. I mean really, wow. The story line is innovative, true to the inspiration Marilla's eyes but very original in how it develops. Dr lavender funding Redmond, his Dad's anger, the journalist job, Diana taking the teacher training, Martins declaration. But what really blew me away was the writing. Such detail, the way you describe the cake in the sun (the way you describe Gil and Anne's intimate sessions). it's beautiful, and compelling and engaging and I bow to your talent. This is an impressive piece of work and you should be proud.
4/4/2017 c28 PelirrojaBiu
Haha, when Fred started talking about second earlies I wanted to look it up immediately but then thought, nah, Kwak has definitely put it in her author's note! I love them!
It was a delicious chapter, everything seems to be working out for Anne and Gil, yet I fear that the drama is about to hit the fan soon! It was that tension, that feeling of this idyllic summer coming to the end. The nature, shadows, wind seemed to be trying to shoo them all away from their Eden. The thread of Adam and Eve is woven so beautifully throughout the whole story, it will be such a pleasure to re-read it and appreciate its intricacy and coherence once the story is finished (not that I want it to be! Don't do it!)
Silent and steaming boys musy have been my favourite line, haha. I loved all the scenes with Anne and Gil, the juice, the ring, Anne talking first! Funnily enough, I'm glad that no i love yous have been exchanged yet. Oh, but what will Rowena do?
4/4/2017 c28 Guest
poor old meatpie! haha thats so funny, i lol'd a bit. that was such a lovely chapter again! it made me so happy to read. the description of annes grey eyes above the strand of red hair really stuck out to me, i can tell i'm going to think about it a lot! i also loved the line about martin hoping the young people wouldnt notice. i love how easily you slip between characters. i almost cried when gilbert and anne went to the graveyard together, it makes me so happy. this chapter was just so happy it's about to burst!
4/4/2017 c27 Guest
this was so beautifully written! I felt that Gilbert and Anne were no longer flirting in th way they talked to each other, but loving. it made me so happy to read! i also loved the description of Rowena as a robin, so perfect. i always imagine her in red rusty colours (probably because of the ring she gave to Anne). the description at the end was beautiful! oh you write so well, the words cone to life! my face recreates the expressions you describe, i cant help it. like dora's huge smile. thank you!
4/4/2017 c28 5LizzyEastwood
Oh you and your cliffhangers, K! Although i secretly love them! Yay! Finally Anne and Gilbert are able to say what they mean to each other in some way! And how cute was Gil's relief when Anne said it first?! I love the idea of Anne giving Gil the Avonlea school. But we know what happens to the best laid plans, don't we? I can't wait to see what Rowena has in store for for these two... or maybe for herself? I also love Marilla still there in the background, still kinda driving the story. All around great chapter!
4/4/2017 c28 7wishwars
Oh man, another cliffhanger concerning Rowena Blythe! Things are going so well right now, I don't want that to stop! Gilbert and Anne are just too sweet and perfect and ahhhh I can't wait for the next update! And yet I'm nervous..
4/3/2017 c28 Guest
I love this story - it is wonderfully structured and leaves me hoping so much for all of the characters! The Adam and Eve references are woven in well - I hope you saw the Wall Street Journal's piece in March on Adam and Eve and its strength as a love story!
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