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3/23/2017 c26 Astrakelly
Whelp I have no words!
3/23/2017 c26 Ineedaname
Wow. You write that in the most lively way! Thank you ! Update again soon please !
3/23/2017 c26 19Alinyaalethia
You build this chapter beautifully. I love that it begins with the heat and the haze of that hike and escalates from there. What I love most though is the honesty that we see between Anne and Gilbert. They can say anything to each other and yet they somehow preserve that Eden innocence that's been such a motif throughout. I think it partly comes from Anne's genuine unfamiliarity with anatomy, art history notwithstanding, mirrored so beautifully in Gilbert's surprise that Anne not know her own loveliness. As ever with you there are many wonderful details, the downy moss, the wool covered buttons, the icy water, but I think my favourite moment though might be Gilbert asleep and Anne watching him. There is such vulnerability in sleeping with people nearby, and there's something powerfully intimate about Anne not actively waking him. Throughout there is a sense that these two are a world apart, and it's a compelling world, most effortlessly readable.
3/23/2017 c26 5LizzyEastwood
Okay K, I have to say I am not so shocked... you've been prepping us all along for "something!" I am not so sure Anne of Avonlea would have behaved this way... but this anotherlea Anne is quite different, not in personality maybe but most definitely in other ways qualities. This Anne breaks some rules. I like that. I have to say though I was not so keen on it at the beginning... it seemed so far for a first kiss. So unnecessary. So too 21st century. But you sold it to me when I thought back on prevailing theme of this story. Which to me is Anne finally becoming a woman who wants to know more of the world. She's more curious. She's not as lost in dreams as our Avonlea Anne. This Anne doesn't wait for things to happen to her. This is kind of a 21st century Anne stuck in 19th century society. I think part of the challenge with what you're doing is that the reader has to put aside the the long held views about Anne, Gilbert, and society in general to arrive at this scene. It's a hard task for a series so well known and beloved by all of us here. Especially when one can appreciate the story for the time period it's written in. But you make it work because you are a rather brave (and talented) writer. you still somehow manage to have both of them hold on to an innocence that some might say gets lost here but I don't think it does. In fact, I kind of kind them exploring each other rather endearing, even if not entirely proper. And your Gilbert is simply delightful and honest and real. Fighting against his passion and the feelings you just know he's buried rather deep for goodness only knows how long. I was a bit surprised that he wasn't more surprised but perhaps his shock will be evident later when he's has time to think about it all. Will either of them have regrets? And where do they go from here? All very intriguing. This was a great payoff to the story you built between them. Well done!
3/23/2017 c26 8Catiegirl
You know, I kind of want the essay! I love hearing the whys and hows of a writer's perspective on a chapter, so essay away for my sake if you would like to! Secondly, mission accomplished, I am blushing. A lot! This chapter is just gorgeous. I love the sensation that after the last chapter, we've simply fallen into this world where Anne and Gil are the only ones who exist- I'm curious about Di and Fred, but not while reading this chapter. The two of them are mesmerising. One of the things I love so much about this is the honesty and connection the two of them have- and I loved his amusement at her lack of a corset, and the moments that followed- I was especially taken by the swimming and diving into the water in their undergarments, I think that is my favourite. The echo of the sentiment that the two of them are so natural with each other, that they simply don't care about convention, he doesn't care if she sees him and visa versa- and that it feels so natural. I've said it before, but of all of the things I love about this pair, it's that enduring friendship they have that I love most. You can really see that here. And I love his reactions to her- yes, he's affected, yes he's attracted, but she's his best friend.
The awkwardness of that first kiss is cringingly spectacular- you really can't read it without remembering those first awkward kisses (although that could just be me) and it made me smile so much. For some reason, the softness of the moss was one of the little touches I loved best, and again with the Eden references- I'm applauding the way that has woven right throughout this story. I love the way we see the curiosity and innocence (hmm, is that the correct word?) of an Adam and Eve here. You completely made me laugh with Anne thinking she'd broken something, but the conversation that followed made me cry. It's so tender and so completely vulnerable- and I love that he talked to her so honestly, and the sweetness of that moment was a complete killer. Actually, no, that's my favourite bit. I loved her calling him beautiful, and I loved re-reading that wonderful opening paragraph after I finished- including sharing her now-cold meal at the gate. Kwak, please write books...
3/23/2017 c26 7Formerly known as J
You know I loved everything about this chapter, kwaky, and I'll get to THAT scene in a moment, but what I want to mention first is your beautiful, wonderful, sublime talent for noticing and writing tiny details that never fail to draw the reader in, and bring all your stories to glorious life. Your brilliance is always astonishing, and this chapter was fairly brimming with kwak delights. If this is what happens when you write to a plan and include scenes you've written in advance, then I implore you to please continue doing that because this was remarkable!

Of course I loved that this started as two kids just having fun at the stream on a hot summer's day. But it was the way you built the picture for me, with innocent glimpses of their bodies beneath wet clothing, Anne's wet hair snaking down her back, then the way she was feeling the droplets of water falling on her skin as she watches that beautiful boy sleeping. The way you described her studying his bronzed chest rising and falling with his breath was pure writing artistry. I think that was my favourite scene of this entire chapter, despite the hotness that follows. It was the exquisite pureness of that moment with the trees overhead, the cicadas chirping and the soft moss beneath them that made this so perfect to me.

That is not to say that I didn't completely ADORE what happened next, and how it happened was complete kwak genius. I loved the way you started the chapter by saying that it was the dazzling aftermath that they both remembered later, more than the frantic during. Because of course this would change everything for them both. Perhaps your greatest accomplishment here was the complete lack of awkwardness for me as a reader, so that it seemed not only the most natural thing in the world, but almost inevitable, and perfect that Anne would be the one leading here.

This was a tour de force. A master class in how to write the perfect chapter. I know I always say your latest chapter is your best yet, but this took everything to an entirely different level. Congratulations, kwaky, this proves that your talent is in a class of its own. Thank you for sharing it with us. Don't ask me for a favourite line, because I'm not picking just one. The whole chapter was glorious.
3/23/2017 c26 5OriginalMcFishie
we've definitely steered off the original text now and yet it feels so natural. they are country kids on a hot summer day, the exploration feels perfectly natural. Though how she maintains the 'just friends' tag after this is a little unclear. maybe in this au she doesn't. what a thing to read on the train to work! beautifully written.
3/22/2017 c26 2caprubia
"Oh, wow kwak updated. OH WOW, WHAT AN UPDATE." - Me.

So that was beautiful and unexpected. So perfect. I feel like your built up to it nicely and it didn't feel too out of place. I love that they had some bumbling moments because that's really how these experiences are! And that intro paragraph... please write the rest of the summer! I don't want to use my imagination, I want you to spell out every wonderful moment where it goes from a one time dalliance to something forever.
3/22/2017 c26 7wishwars
I love how they learn together. It feels so true to their characters and was very well written! I'm especially glad it wasn't as short as you thought it would be at first :)
3/22/2017 c26 Guest
i feel like i have been waiting for this chapter my whole life. i hope they dont stop talking for a long time or something now...
3/22/2017 c25 Ineedaname
I really, really love this story! Please update again soon! Anne and Gilbert are absolutely the best! I hope he's Anne's first kiss!
3/20/2017 c25 Guest
this felt so long, like a story in itself, but im glad because i didnt want it to end! i was smiling the whole way through, i love the drama and the fun of Anne and Diana i wish i was with them right now, I want the flower crowns and the picnics! (it was also nice to read Anne slowly saying goodbye to not only Diana but her old self these last chapters, she's growing and changing but i'm not resentful to it). Oh fred and diana are perfect for one another! what an awesome three-tiered cake with cream and lingonberry jam of a chapter!
3/20/2017 c24 Guest
beautiful chap! the #awkwardness between gilbert and anne was written so well, it was nice to hear from both points of view. you write about their relationship unfolding tantalisingly slow its awesome. cant wait to see what happens next, and i hope to find out about Dora and Martin soon too! Rowena is definitely my favourite character, shes who i want anne to turn out like!
3/20/2017 c24 PelirrojaBiu
Loving everything about this chapter: the fact that Anne finds everything smaller EXCEPT Gilbert Blythe, the White Way of Delight vs. the Avenue, the Rossis' new living arrangements (there must be more to it than Marilla provides), Rowena, Gil letting go of the ladder and carefully considering his choice of underwear, and, have I mentioned Rowena? The funniest bit was Anne's story, the way you swiftly moved from the love scene to the graveyard was hilarious, I laughed for 5 minutes straight after that. Anne and Gilbert together, their awkwardness, appreciating each other's physique, their comfortable silence and yes, "aliveness"... It was put together brilliantly. Now off to the nest chapter!
3/20/2017 c25 5LizzyEastwood
Oh this was such a satisfying, yet leaving me in the edge of my seat chapter. I don't even know what to expect next... I know what I hope though. First of all, Yay for Fred and Diana! That was supremely satisfying. But sorry to say Anne and Gilbert kinda stole the show. The tension between them when Diana left them alone was palpable and Gilbert wanting to kiss her when he thinks he hates her was so perfect. That was raw emotion at work. And what a time for a realization! And leave it to Diana to just come out and say it, leaving those two in a fit of denial. Loved it and I can't wait for the next chapter.
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