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5/11/2017 c34 PelirrojaBiu
Oh, it was gorgeous! I snorted at Marilla's "pagan mountaintop" and cried when she became the first bride of Green Gables. My favourite moment was Martin describing the wedding to Marilla. It remainded me of Amelie Poulain, but was so loving and caring. Now let's hope John Blythe doesn't keep neither one nor two eyes on Anne and Gil!
5/11/2017 c35 7DianaStorm09
The last line is gold! You can be so proud of this story, its plot is unique but felt like something LMM could have penned throughout. I will re-read it all from end to finish for sure.
Above all, I'm so stoked about your professional writer plans, I'd buy anything you write, dearest Anna!
5/11/2017 c35 7wishwars
Ahhhh beautiful :) I'm really glad you left the possibility for a sequel open, and I really hope we'll see one someday, but I'm glad you're pursuing a writing career! You have such a gift! I hope you'll keep us updated on your own journey :) Good luck in the future and, as always, thank you so much for this story! It has made me feel so much and any chance to escape to Anne's world with you is a chance I won't pass up! Thank you :)
5/11/2017 c35 7Formerly known as J
I loved this so much, kwaks, I barely know where to start. Not just this chapter, of course, but the entire story. Everything here seemed so right, so perfect, so satisfying. You have captured Maud's characters in such a way that they're familiar and I know it's them, while the tangent you've taken them all on is so deliciously rewarding to read. No wonder you're about to become a professional writer, and I don't think there's any doubt that you're ready, since this is clearly the work of an author who knows what she's doing. I don't want to pick everything apart, since I'm still just basking in the glory that is Anotherlea, and I'm enjoying the warm after-glow of finishing reading this story. So I have no idea if any of this review will be coherent. Just know that I loved it all, every exquisite word here.

I can't tell you how much I loved Gilbert Blythe fresh from all his triumphs at college, most especially proud that he's landed a job that he and Anne can't stop talking about all night. And the reason he's got that job, to pay help pay for Anne. OMG that boy is simply delicious. But that first touch of their hands after Rowena had left them alone - I had goosebumps and shivers, I felt it myself so keenly. And being his lovely bronzed self in the firelight at the Blythes', knowing how much Anne would enjoy college life, too.

I also adored Anne really looking at him, and seeing how he's more man than boy now. I loved that description of him, with his not-quite square jaw, too big feet and shorter, neatened hair. Good grief, is there any illustration of that boy at any age that isn't just entirely delectable, I ask you?

And then, THAT scene. Kwaky, it never fails to completely blow my mind how breathtakingly great you are at this writing game. As a reader, you just know Anne and Gilbert are a team here, all the way, and it just makes me well up with tears at the perfection, since there is nothing I love to read more than that. From them both knowing they're not going to the Gillises, digging that snow cave together, that rug (!), giving each other similar gifts and then using them to seal their bond together, I couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous completion for this story. I feel like I'll spoil the magic if I pull it all apart, I just want to sit back and enjoy how beautiful this is. I will definitely be one of those readers enjoying this from start to finish in one reading at the earliest opportunity (possibly even tonight).

I know I've told you before that I don't ever want to leave this world, and yet, you've given us an ending here that leaves me hopeful for all of them, even though I'm still desperate for you to write a sequel if the inspiration ever strikes you. In the meantime, please accept my thankiest thanks and humblest admiration for your wonderful, glorious creation.

Thanks for the shout out, but I hope you know this is the work of a story teller so gifted that all I can do is bow in tribute.
5/11/2017 c35 Guest
wow! i think i might cry, i can't say anything else really! it was just so beautiful, unique and Real! of course theyd do a blood oath! ive loved all your characters so much this journey has been so fun, sad, beautiful, joyful, origin! thank you thank you thank you.
and one more thing, its been emotional. xD
5/11/2017 c34 Guest
it just gets better and better! my heart is singing to see all these lovely little knots tied! i loved peering into the mind or Marilla, and i LOVED when martin was describing the scene for her, just like one of the best moments in Amelie! you cant help but feel so joyful after reading things like that. i love Davy, he reminds me of Freddy Honeychurch and Mr Wickham combined, ha! and maybe he'll Ruby Gillis as his Lydia. also! John Blythe is such a nice surprise, what a great character! thank you cant believe its nearly over!
5/11/2017 c33 Guest
wooooooo! tied up ends! so good! this is another chapter with those little moments where the scene transitions in unexpected ways! it was so satisfying kwak! i'm so glad not only anne has grown but marilla too! they are both the heart of the story, oh this chapter just makes me sooo glad, the whole thing! so much has happened! something wonderful has happened ;)!
5/11/2017 c34 Formerly known as J
I loved Marilla pacing about the place - fancy twelve leaves littering the yard like that!- and all skittish, before putting on her dove grey worsted silk for a stroll about Avonlea. So of course, why wouldn't they just casually drop in for some water at the Rossis? But I especially loved how kwak-deftly you described the changes wrought in both Martin, looking ten feet tall, and Marilla, suddenly seeming younger with her hand fluttering over her mouth, after that conversation. How gorgeously easy you made that seem, yet it told us everything about what had just transpired.

You know 'the first bride of Green Gables' made me sigh at your awesomeness. I absolutely adored Martin whispering in Marilla's ear at the wedding, telling her all the goings-on. And who would ever think the Farmer's almanac would be such romantic reading? Not to mention the hot buttered mushrooms! Oohh la la. He is just adorable.

And what about Davy Keith-Red-Rossi? Getting around in his patched up long johns, with his tousled sandy hair and pouty sunburned lips. Then flinging Anne around when he danced with her and making Ruby (I hope she doesn't catch consumption!) Gillis swoon in his dashing red coat. I liked it. A lot.

There were so many delicious little details here that I'm sure I've forgotten to mention dozens of them, kwaky. But that doesn't mean I was delighted by reading them all. Every single one.

Fave line: Martin telling the girls to make tea, while eyeing Marilla as if she was a bear. Grrrr!
Also: What was handsome compared to a man who knew his way around a goffering iron?
You are the best.
5/11/2017 c32 Guest
Soren and Dora are so funny, like the skunks and rabbits in Bambi that fall in love and fall off the trail! . _
5/11/2017 c32 Guest
i reeeeally really love anne! shes so cute, this happiness and optimism makes her so funny to read! shes really grown! i love how she reacts to mr harrison and josie it really probes that she Has grown. i love watching the knots slowly tie this has been such an epic story! and soren and dora is like a little dessert, cant wait to see how Red turns out ;) i love what gilbert said! i love it all!
5/11/2017 c35 8a-bit-dolally
judging from what I've read by you, you are more than capable and definitely deserve to become a professional writer. Good luck
5/10/2017 c35 8Catiegirl
I read this so breathlessly, Kwak, I pretty much devoured it whole. I loved hearing of Gil's successes- just as they should be, I feel! I loved the description of the refreshing of his voice here, and the uncertainty between them is so palpable. You can see how drawn together the two of them are, and yet the mountain of decisions and responsibilities that keeps them apart here. You really do write absolute longing wonderfully, you can FEEL it. I felt in my bones that Anne would say no to his offer, but it was such a beautiful gesture! I'm so glad for that description of how he's changed, that was beautiful- and their morning together was gorgeous too. I love how you write of the friendship between them. I love that Gil always asks after her plans even amongst his own; that he wants to know, even when he's disappointed.

Being back in the snow was so wonderful, with the walls that welcomed her home- to me that spoke of the way he found her then, the blending of Matthew and Gilbert in the storm, and that beautiful blanket of his grandmothers- it was wonderful! That breathtaking moment when he passed her hand over the shapes on the rug, it reminded me so much of that 'splendid geometry', from several chapters ago, and gave me shivers. The argument felt just right, all of the tension and unmade promises- and that hurt was so well described. As a reader you WANT them to promise anything, all the while aknowledging that they have a point in not doing it. The honesty between them is so raw, I was flinching through it, feeling it for them. This is the power of awesome writing, to make us feel it... the exchanging of those knives- that reminded me so sharply of the end of AoI, of Anne wanting a cent for her gift, lest it cut their love- and the line between them that neither one of them can cut. I love the aknowledgement that although Anne needs no prince, that she doesn't have him- and that it matters. I love her telling him just what he means to her- and that the only reason she won't reach for him is that she thinks he can't be there forever- owwww! And yet surely Gilbert must see how much she loves him now.

To me it was so Anne that he says let's do a blood oath and before he can take a breath she's already calmly done it- that's the fiery, passionate girl that he loves. The moment is sweet and funny, and yet so real- and there's the symmetry again- and those gorgeous moments from Anotherlea that were heartstopping, and that conclusion was just marvellous. I know I gush, but I think you know how much I've enjoyed this. An Anne and Gil who promise who they are the way that they can to each other was the perfect, and completely satisfying. This has been such a wonderful story, and thank you for the cate and time you've taken to tell this story. As to the professional writing:I'm applauding, because ITS ABOUT TIME. You're meant to do this. I can't wait to see what you have in store.
Love, Cate.
5/10/2017 c34 Catiegirl
I have been waiting so impatiently for this, and it was BRILLIANT! All those gorgeous little touches- such as Anne not rolling her eyes now that Marilla can see, and how I loved her walking because she couldn't do anything about the mess! I loved the stubbornness of Marilla here- no, we won't acknowledge that we want to see Martin, nor will we say why we're putting on our best dress... awesome work there. Davy and Dora and Anne being referred to as 'the children' just warmed my heart, Davy's mischief and the two girls just felt like real family. By the way, that is the first time ever that mushrooms made me blush... you made history there. I loved Anne and Dora leading Marilla down the stairs, and Martin describing the family- describing this Anne as a river sprite just seemed so right in Anotherlea. That little line of Ruby's mother warning her about consumption- oooh, that gave a little twinge right there. I loved seeing Martin's and Marilla's happiness, and I squealed because they were going to pick up Gilbert- I'm SO VERY EXCITED, KWAK!
5/10/2017 c34 Meadowlarkflyaway

It's finally here! This chapter is just the sweetest-I love seeing Marilla doted on and her heart so soft and open to love. LMM did such a beautiful work developing Marilla's character and what you've done here seems natural and fitting and I think LMM would nod in approval. Even though I know it's set in December, it had a very light and airy "summery" feel where everything is pure and lovely-I think that's the feeling you were going for here.

I don't see a chapter 35-is that being posted soon? I swear, KWAK, i refreshed this page a thousand times to see if it would magically appear lol. You've got me on the edge of my seat here with a certain boy who's name starts with a "G" on the mind!
5/6/2017 c33 PelirrojaBiu
Beautiful chapter, the way you tied up all the loose ends (well, except that most important one) was fantastic and showed how strong all your side characters are. Davy's story, now that we know it all, reveals how meticulously you must have had it all planned out, the intricacy of it is just astounding. I don't know what I loved more, Anne the storyteller, smitten Soren leaving with Dora's basket, Dora reprimanding Anne and Gil, the rawness and honesty and beauty of Martin's letter... I had no idea I would like Marilla and Martin's love thread so much. Her scenes with Anne were perfect, as was Rowena. Anne can certainly charm up the sun, and her son as well! Impatiently waiting for whatever Gil had to say to her, but shouldn't he have left for Redmond by now? I thought that after the whole painting fiasco he had like 6 days left, but now we learn that the Admiral and his wife came two weeks later. Anyway, as sad as it is to see this story end it will be a pleasure to reread it and appreciate the storytelling, all these threads would put Rachel's quilt or Gil's blanket to shame, haha!
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