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5/5/2017 c32 PelirrojaBiu
I knew Davy Rossi would get a grand entrance here but as always you managed to surprise me. It was such an enjoyable chapter, mr Harrison was golden, Josie and Charlie were fantastic, and I love Rachel's Scandinavian roots. Anne being totally cool with her summer romance coming to an end, but then wishing she could grow old with Gil. What she told Diana at the begining, about missing more when you're the one left behind, was so true...
5/1/2017 c33 5LizzyEastwood
Lovely chapter! Davy! And what a host of opportunity that set before all of our characters before tou wrap this glad Gilbert had a hand in finding Davy, that was great and explained so perfectly. Can't wait for the ending... although perhaps i can guess at whose wedding it is. And of course that's just like to keep us in suspense over just what Gilbert wanted to tell Anne... for all the waiting I expect wonderful things! But I can be no less I am sure. Can't wait for the wrap up to this wonderful tale!
4/30/2017 c33 19Alinyaalethia
You've acquitted yourself expertly of the story of Davy. What I really like is that it's here if I go back and look through Anotherlea, in little asides and details. Having it all laid out was a summing up worthy of any sleuth. Dora's reaction to the discovery was perfectly pitched, as was her ignoring Gilbert-of-the-unbuttoned-shirt and his ignoring her right back. I've enjoyed the arc you've given Dora, and I'd love one last elliptical asside to tell us what becomes of her, seeing as Davy's all sorted.
The return of Marilla's sight was beautiful. Anne seeing herself in Marilla, the Echo of the beginning was a lovely touch, as was Rowena's testiness over her work. I've always felt Ro to be of the sort that is a Doctor in spite of herself, and I loved seeing that here, and loved John for knowing it about her. And I continue to believe she is cultivating a coven in the best Pratchett-esque sense :) Doing what must because someone must do it, and passing that gift on to others. I've loved all your characters and characterisations, but Rowena Blythe might just be my favourite. And thank you for Martin's letter. It's raw, honest and real in its simplicity, and for a chapter crammed with ways and means of loving it was the only note you could end on. I'll be sorry to leave Anotherlea, but that doesn't stop me anticipating the end you have planned.
4/30/2017 c33 5OriginalMcFishie
Nicely rounding off of the story of the Rossis and lovely to know they will be looked over, Davy in the Navy and Dora with some cash to make life easier. Pleased also that Ro and John worked things out and that he understand how much healing is part of her. I liked the Marilla and Martin story too and how wonderful love is no matter where and when it finds you. Parts of this felt so familiar in style it could have been written by LMM herself, though perhaps her publishers wouldn't have allowed so much of the kissing we all enjoyed so much. Which leads to the question with so much kissing, what is to become of Anne and Gilbert, though I guess right now that's not so important, just that they're happy. Right, I'm off to buy a hat. A wedding wouldn't be right if I wasn't wearing a hat.
4/29/2017 c33 7Formerly known as J
Oh, kwaks, I loved all this satisfying end tying you've done - this chapter was just glorious. I adored the reunion with 'Davy-boy' Keith-Red-Rossi and his adventure-filled story since his family saw him last. I enjoyed it so much, that I think I'd like you to write his story for us separately. Surely there's room here for an Anotherlea spinoff tale? I most especially enjoyed how he met Gilbert, and for some reason I felt it told us more about Davy's character that he loved that gorgeous blanket as much as his way with animals and plants. I loved that Gilbert understood he would return, and I agree with Anne that it was so like him to try to help, even after such an unconventional meeting.

You know of course I did enjoy Anne and Gilbert all in a tangle on the front steps of the caravan but I think my favourite was the scene with Anne and Marilla, and then Rowena Blythe to the rescue. That she was moved to tears by her work just tells you everything you need to know about that woman. She is awesome. My other favourite was that little interactions between John and Rowena - let's face it, I totally love that entire Blythe family.

That note from Martin to Marilla was just wonderful. Who wouldn't be crying after receiving such a sentiment from their beloved? Your writing is fearless as always here, and I have to thank you again for giving us this wonderful story, just to make sure you get the message. I love this world and even though I don't want it to end, I can't wait for that happy ending wedding for the finale. And what was that Gilbert wanted to say...?

Fave line: When Anne is dazzled by the kind of selfless and certain love Martin has for Marilla. He's adorable!
4/29/2017 c33 8Catiegirl
I'm so looking forward to that wedding! What a lovely way to leave Anotherlea. You tied up Davy's story so satisfyingly, and I love that it was Gilbert finding him, and teaching him what he had been taught. That they insisted Anne and Gilbert accompany them felt so right, plus there were the awesome moments at the caravan... thank you for that! Dora telling the pair they shouldn't made me laugh, and especially her pretending that Gilbert wasn't buttoning up his shirt! That was gold- and would require a LOT of imagination from the poor girl.

I loved that Anne drew the parallel between herself and Marilla, and that she was able to influence her- the love between them is wonderful here, real love that makes each other better. The Anne who wouldn't let go of her grief was so poignant, and her telling Marilla that it was her own fear- she's such a fearless, darling girl. I loved that not only did Rowena come, Anne with her 2 mothers- so right, just there- but that Marilla and Anne validated the knowledge, wisdom, and compassion she has- and how glad am I that you told us of John and Cora! I loved that.
I can't wait to read this lady chapter- you've done this whole story so wonderfully, and I've loved it, Kwak. Bringing it home...
4/29/2017 c33 2Kim Blythe
It the spirit of happy endings, Anotherlea will end with a wedding, but which couple exactly is going to tie the knot is this last chapter of yours :

Dora and Soren ?

Diana and Fred ?

Marilla and Martin ?

Anne and Gilbert ?

What a warm reunion it was first with Davy and Dora and then with Davy and his father and then all three of them discussion together in the Rossi's new home !

I loved that coincidence that it was in Gilbert's room that Davy went and stole everything and that Gilbert just knew that the person that stole his belongings, would return to take the new ones he had replace and when Davy came back, he decided to help him out, and that was really the nicest thing to have done !

What a good husband John Blythe is for saying to Ro that if she should stop doing what she is doing, he wouldn't want a new wife which is what he would have if she gave up such a big part of herself and then he added, if she really wanted to quit something, she could quit blaming herself for Lotta...

And that little note from Martin to Marilla at the end of the chapter was just so very right and so very what I think Martin would have wrote, with his little knowing of writing and reading !
4/29/2017 c32 Kim Blythe
I was just wondering, will we get to have Mr. Harrison's reaction when he will realise who the real Charlie Sloane is, not Gilbert Blythe, the young fella that Anne introduced to him as Charlie Sloane as a joke ?!

Ah, this would be quite a pair if ever Charlie and Josie ends ups falling in love, courting and later get married together !

Oh yes, I do love this idea of Dora and Soren falling in love with each other at first sight !

The young boy who is painting the school with the name Red, as in Rossi... Mmmmm, is this the return of dear Davy in Avonlea ?!

I loved it how Anne just and simply said I love you to Gilbert !

Now, I want to know what that something is Gilbert want's to ask Anne !
4/29/2017 c33 7wishwars
Yaaaay! Anne and Marilla moments are the sweetest and I love how your Dora has evolved in this story! This was exactly what I needed and another chapter with more Gilbert? You read my mind :) I can't wait!
4/26/2017 c32 5LizzyEastwood
Wow maybe a tentative truce at least between Josie and Anne. And of course they sort of bond over there love for Diana, that was nice but in believable way of having two people who don't really like each other kinda way. Oh I love how you make Anne so brave. This Anne is not afraid to say whatever it is she needs to say. I love it! Of course she loves Gilbert! I can't wait to read what Gilbert wants to say to her and where he wants to say it. And just what does Anne think she knows?! Great great chapter!
4/25/2017 c31 PelirrojaBiu
It was such a darling chapter, full of much needed laugh! AVIS wouldn't be AVIS without one giant mishap and this one was just fab. The school turned out fine by me! I'm sure most of Avonlea youngsters would love to study there. It seems to me that it has more board members than pupils! Charlie was just... you moved the Sloaniness to the whole other level. Our main couple were on top of their game, not dull at all. The cliffie at the end is too much for my poor nerves, so I'd better move swiftly to the next one!
4/25/2017 c32 Catiegirl
And that last line made me clap with delight- BRILLIANT!
4/25/2017 c32 8Catiegirl
Happy Birthday Kwak, and it's my favourite kind of present. What a tremendous gift that girl is! I love Anne's clarity here, it's one of the things I've always loved in Anne- ironically for her, to me she's always a diamond. Endless colours, but perfectly her- and able to cut through anything, too...

I loved Anne telling Diana her story here, love that Di is bound for Queens. Some little shards of truth that made me wince, 'we never promised to be true to each other', and terming Anne and Gil as a summer romance- yes, it is, but soooo much more than that. The fallout from Mr Harrison made me crack up, seriously believing she viewed him as a father who failed her! It's like a grown up Charlie Sloane. (Oh, by the way, toe curling kisses at the train- AWESOME.) I cringed at the smell of greasy hair pomade, that was so gross... set the scene wonderfully. The young buck and his firebrand, and the filly that needs a good master- oh my gosh, I wonder if Gil thought 'damn it, she's actually going to murder him...'

I love that Anne has learned to share her friends and be glad for Josie for Di's sake. Charlie and a Josie were so fun here, I loved the characterisations of who the Pyes and Sloanes are... they were practically perfect! Soren and Dora were incredible, but of course it was Anne and Gil who had me. I love that the two of them are so real- I love that she is so open and frank, that he sees everything she is, and that she doesn't hide her love or her lack of expectations on him. It's so raw and painful and so very beautiful, I loved it. I'm so glad she could tell him that she doesn't regret it, I feel that Gil needs that. Ah, him lifting her over the gate..., I'm excited to see about Davy, but not NEARLY as much as I am to see Anne and Gil and whatever he wanted to tell her... I love it.
4/25/2017 c32 19Alinyaalethia
Well this was lovely, though I venture Shakespeare got it wrong about parting -you can leave and feel the wrench every bit as much as staying behind. The mercy is it doesn't always happen like that, ans I'm glad neither girl knows it. I did love the comraderie between Anne and Di though, all their laughter and jokes, the way they look out for each other. Their private shorthand for things is evident in abundance here and I could have read it for hours. But then the Volta with Mr Harris, that was genius! I never thought we'd see him fawning, and it was a triumph. Wanting autographs and unwittingly feeding Anne's ambitions -how heartening to see those again -Gilbert as Charlie, it was a riotous scene, your gift for comedy as much in evidence as ever. What I really liked was Anne going home to practice her signature, isn't that ambitious seventeen all over? As for Josie and Charlie, that was genius! I especially like that Anne's matchmaking facility is apparently contagious -even sensible Marilla is giving it a go, and it feels logical. Who'd have thought? I did enjoy that unexpected common ground between the girls though, never mind the hug , and not forgetting the perceived Sloane Snub.

I don't know if you meant it, but Dora among the myrtles made me think of Zachariah -the verse about the men among the myrtles saying God's people would patrol the earth until the earth was at rest. I don't know if it's because we've had that Eden thread all through the story or what, but it sprang immediately to mind, because even chattery, who better to set the world at rest than Dora if the perfect tea? And how lovely and contained that love story was. It felt seamless the transition from Dora and Soren to Anne's declaration (somehow that word feels wrong) to Gilbert at the school. I especially liked her wanting to be the woman to grow old with him mixed with the acceptance that she wouldn't or couldn't be. And just as I'm tasting the sting of that, up crops Red, and of course Anne makes the connection to Rossi, how long has she been hunting for him now? And I can't mind that she and Gilbert stand on the eve of a parting because journalism SUITS Anne, it just does. It's almost an instinct.

Incidentally, I love all the red you've woven in. It is the perfect new name for Davy Rossi and I like that you build up to it from James A and his firebrands, Dora's raspberries, until we finally meet the boy himself.

If I had to pull out a favourite, 'the smell of afternoon sun on old fashioned roses' stands out. But so does Rachel Lynde's proverb, as does 'one minute he is painting the window ledge the next this red haired dryad appears on the last Tuesday of August to tell him she loves him.' Okay, now I'll stop pulling your work to pieces and go reread it, and just enjoy it for the finely crafted chapter it is.
4/25/2017 c32 Astrakelly
Red huh? More like Davy Anyway can't wait how you end this story
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