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3/31/2017 c1 ToolboxHDR
Well, I never saw I might be reading one of these again...
Ciphers Reign was the story that I realized I liked fanfiction.

Now onto the story,
I don't really know how Layla is an abused child yet still works like a normal human being (from what I remember from Beyond the Portal.) Well I guess I'll see.
3/23/2017 c14 8Battleangel911
Nice ending to the story. I'm not too surprised that Layla is still alive. Does this mean that when Ford saw her body on the ground and watched it burn away from the acid rain, it was some kind of illusion?
3/22/2017 c14 Northgalus2002
Wow, we see Ford and Layla make the beast with two backs, then she is seemingly killed when Magum tries to get Ford as an ally against Bill. But she then wakes in a hospital bed five months later. And Layla discovers she is carrying Ford's child. She then makes a deal with Magum for her child's safety.

So, does that mean Layla is still alive in the dimensional universe? If so, will there be a reunion for her and Ford in the next story? Will Rick be in the next one? So many questions!

Will wait for the next story.
3/19/2017 c12 2musicalocelot
Oh and btw, I have an idea of what might really happen
3/19/2017 c12 musicalocelot
Oh and btw, I have an idea of what might really happen
3/16/2017 c13 musicalocelot
oh man, right at the end here. what a ride it's been! I love/hate your series for how much it plays with my heart! jfjsieudujfjHdjJdjHFIgejvdjkssh! XD. keep up the good work :D. Great story. StayAwesome~
3/16/2017 c13 Northgalus2002
I am glad you've updated. Here we see how Layla has fallen in love with Ford and what she went through to save him. At the end we see them about to make "the beast with two backs".

But before that, we see how Bill and Magum had gone from allies to enemies and how the Axolotl was the one who stripped Bill of his physical form (until he was able to gain form in Weirdmageddon) and how even Magum was afraid of the Axolotl. Which begs the question, will the Axolotl make it's appearance at the end of "After Cipher's Reign" along with Magum? And, if so, what would this mean for Dip, Ford, Mabel and Stan? Also, the rest of the zodiac (Soos, Wendy, Paz, Robbie, Gideon & McGucket) as well as George? So many questions.

My sister passed away a few weeks ago and I will be at her memorial service this weekend. It's sad, because she wasn't just my sister, she was my friend.

Anyway, update soon.
3/10/2017 c12 8Battleangel911
I like reading from Layla's perspective. Some of events in the last few chapters have been sort of recap from the other story. However, it was nice to read how Layla got the medicine and what she had to fight through to get it.
2/25/2017 c11 Battleangel911
Glad to see the update. I was waiting to read the next chapter and I got to read two! Thanks. I'm also looking forward to reading your other story too when you update it.
2/3/2017 c10 Northgalus2002
Thanks for updating, I like how Layla has found a friend in Ford and how at the beginning she rescued him, Ford would later return the favor and rescue her from Magum (with help from Rick).

I will be interested to know how this wraps up with reference to what would happen at the end of "After Cipher's Reign". And how this will affect the Pines clan in general. Particularly Ford and Dipper.

Update soon.
1/6/2017 c8 Northgalus2002
Having broken away from Magum, Layla has taken to drinking and is learning from who she encounters in the dimensional universe about Bill and how he and Magum are fighting for control of this universe.

I feel so bad for Layla, she feels she can't trust anyone and, in her desire to forget, she has taken to drinking heavily. Much like her dad. I assume that in the next chapter she will meet with Ford and that would give her something to live for.

Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter.
12/17/2016 c6 Northgalus2002
Well, it didn't take long for Magum to show his true colors! He was only using Layla to get what he wanted. Then Magum kills some of the friends Layla had made and then has her cut her own throat, saying he would then heal her.

I was reminded of that part of "Cipher's Reign" where Dipper (feeling like a monster when Bill had him kill so many innocents, as well as Paz's parents) tries to cut his own throat only to be stopped by Bill who said he wasn't going to let his puppet go so easily. That was the hardest part of that story to read. Seeing my favorite Gravity Falls character break like that!

Anyway, I look forward to seeing how Layla escapes Magum and how she manages on her own before she finds Ford.

Update soon.
12/11/2016 c5 Northgalus2002
Well, it looks like there are two chapters for me to read. Layla has met Magum who for now is super nice to Layla (but he already has his own agenda for her). And she has joined Magum's campaign against Bill.

This is so going to bite her in the butt.

I look forward to the next chapter.
11/3/2016 c3 Battleangel911
I liked the character development in this chapter. I was wondering about Layla's father putting the metal plate in her head; it was to protect her right? I thought it was strange he did that for her since he clearly doesn't care about her. Is there another reason? Also, I liked Rick taking Layla out for her birthday. My only suggestion is to be careful of unnatural dialogue. For example, Rick talks to Layla about sex, but it sounds like an adult is explaining it to her. I know Rick has above average intelligence, but he's still sixteen and is figuring out that type of stuff himself. Also, Layla saying, "I don't know what normal is." That sad and scary part is that what happen to her every day is "normal" for her, so she doesn't need to say that. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more.
11/3/2016 c3 Northgalus2002
Thanks for the chapter. Layla turns sixteen and Rick decides to take her out to town. Layla has not been outside for the past couple of years, and I felt bad for her as she tried to make sense of everything.

Once they get back, the see Dr. Bartek who yells at both of them and Rick protests only to get slapped by Bartek. Rick then leaves in a huff, declaring Bartek's dealing with some really sick crap.

Later that night, Layla is woken by her dad who takes her to the basement. She sees bodies and body parts all over and Bartek pushes her through the portal to another dimension.

So, we're going to find how Layla hooks up with Magum. And, perhaps, how this story ties in with the endings of "Beyond the Portal" and "After Cipher's Reign". As well as what happens next.

Update soon.
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