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1/27/2019 c13 AnimeLover369.Swan
ha ha, this was great
1/27/2019 c10 AnimeLover369.Swan
omg that was so cute! definitly my fav so far
1/26/2019 c7 AnimeLover369.Swan
I'm so sorry... I've had to deal with loss too. 2 chihuahuas, 3 cats, and even a couple of people. The last one I lost (my aunt Jay) passed a year or two ago, and I've gotten over it, but sadness is still gnawing at my insides. I'm so sorry for your loss...
1/24/2019 c6 AnimeLover369.Swan
11/22/2018 c13 TheArtofFT
These FanFictions are the best! I told my classmate, who is one of the highest ranking otakus in our school. She passed on to more otakus then her YouTube channel, oh and if you're wondering were 11&10 year old grade 6 kids, we know it's rated T but, it's very fun!
8/7/2018 c22 Tohka123
Quite enjoyable, keep up the hard work.
7/28/2018 c7 Guest
I loved it and I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my cat when he was still a kitten on mother's day to a rattlesnake
7/23/2018 c22 JacJac-Arie
Ooo I loved this! I love 7 minutes in heaven tropes, especially with Nalu :)

Have you thought about doing a rated M version of this chapter?

Awesome job as always!
7/22/2018 c22 Lucy H Lover
This was real good! Nalu seven minutes in heaven? Yes please! Kinda wanted to see something happen with Alzack and Bisca but this is a Nalu story so oh well.
7/21/2018 c22 2TheUniqueFangirl
Lol omg that was so great! It had just the right amount of steam and Gosh! I looove fantasy AUs! And wow that ending LMAO! let's be honest Erza deserved it
I'm glad you participated dear! I always enjoy reading your writings
7/21/2018 c22 Animeforlife1412
It's awesome
7/21/2018 c22 21mautrino
Another awesome one-shot! This was a great twist on 7 minutes in heaven! Especially with the fantasy element. I can just imagine their faces when they heard what could be going on in that closet lol!
7/21/2018 c22 Ligersrcool
honestly that was just great, I can't write scenes like that well, probably from lack of experience
7/21/2018 c22 1WhatAnimeHasTaughtMe
Natsu is so cute and sweet! Nice chapter
7/21/2018 c22 Meow Orbit
It was great! I love the mythical creatures twists-there’s not enough stories with them!
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